Wednesday, August 31, 2011

goin' down south

we are going to South Carolina TONIGHT to see our families!!! I. CANNOT. WAIT. it feels like forever since we have seen everyone, even though it's really only been about six weeks...

looooooooong weekend---i am ready for you!!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

ending out august

is it really almost september?? this summer has flown by, especially being pregnant and now having my six weeks off..i can't believe that in a couple weeks it'll be labor day, then halloween, then thanksgiving and Christmas. It all seems to fly by so fast this time of year, but it is by far my favorite time. I love the smells of fall, pumpkin picking, sweaters, the cool air..

last year we didn't get much of an autumn up here in Kentucky. the summer seemed to last all the way until November, and then we got hit with the ice cold winter like a smack in the face. I just hope that this year I can enjoy the crispy leaves and the pumpkin spice mochas in the cool outdoors. I want to take my kiddos outside to the pumpkin patch and see what Judah can possibly get into, because i'm sure he'll find something mischievous to do. last year we took him, and we walked around in the corn maze. i should say run....we RAN to chase our booger around the corn maze. This year will prove no different, i'm sure. And this year, he talks..a lot. so it should be lots of fun :)

as far as the kiddos and the hubby are concerned---hubby's great: staying really busy at church and at work..and when we have time together at home, we end up busy too. yes, we DO have days where we actually sit down to relax. last weekend was great and we got to see some of our friends. judah got to play in the pool with marley and we watched a movie together while the kids played.  this weekend we are doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! and it is great!! mikaela is growing a little bit more every day, and it seems so fast...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

enjoying my time off??

you would think that i would be excited to have time off to enjoy my babies. i am enjoying them both so much--judah is continuing to do well with his baby sister, helping me feed her and bringing me blankets and diapers when i need them. he's still been struggling with waking up calling for me in the middle of the night, but a thousand times better than he had been doing a couple of weeks ago. and little sister is growing like a weed. she eats and eats and EATS! one very healthy little girl! i just am about to go crazy sitting at home, not working or doing much of i said, i am enjoying my time off, but i will be glad to get back to work after Labor day. at least i will be in the infant room with Mikaela and i won't have to completely feel like i'm abandoning her after 6 short weeks :( i know i felt like that with judah, and he was 6 MONTHS old! but it is so hard to leave little ones in daycare, wondering in the back of your mind if their teachers are taking care of them...of COURSE they are, just not completely the way their mommies do....mommies have that special touch.....ok, i have to stop thinking about it, because it makes me anxious....oh dear..

i will say that lastnight was glorious! i got 7 straight hours of sleep. uninterrupted, no screaming, sleep....i shot out of bed this morning at 7am because i thought something was wrong, but Mikaela was snoozing away. i'm definitely thankful for the sleep, even if it is (most likely) just for that one night. i'll take sleep whenever i can get it!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

life is good..

so, right now i've got my brand new little girl snoozing on my chest, judah went to bed without a makes me one happy's definitely been an adjustment with two kiddos instead of one, but judah has done remarkably well. he LOVES mikaela! always wants to help with her and doesn't seem to get too jealous..sometimes he wants time with mommy, and now i can give it to him (since i'm not an open stomach wound anymore). i've been picking him up here and there, not too much b/c i wanna heal correctly, but i do have to give my baby boy some love! :) i can't believe how big he is now...he's such a big boy, very polite most of the time, temper tantrums some of the time, always lovin' on mommy and daddy. He had so much fun with all of his grandparents when they were all here..he loves molly and even fell asleep in her dog bed at the hotel (i'm glad she's like the cleanest dog in the universe!! haha)..he went swimming with his papa and apparently has NO fear of jumping into the pool..kinda scares me a little, but he is growing up and learning to be independent.

mikaela, on the other hand, has been growing and growing..her lowest weight was 7lbs. 11.5 oz, but when we went to her 2 week appointment on Friday, she was back up to her birth weight and a half an inch longer. and her jaundice was pretty much gone, so i'm happy! she has been sleeping pretty well at night. allen and I don't go to bed early, so her "bedtime" is around 11:30pm..she'll sleep anywhere from 3 to 5..which is GREAT! she'll stay up for 30 to 45 min. to eat and then go back to sleep till 7 or 8am. i am so lucky! judah was the same way when he was an infant, so i'm super thankful that i don't have a baby who has to be up every 2 hours to eat and then takes an hour to eat each time..i would go crazy! God must want me to keep some of my sanity..He watches out for me even in the smallest ways ;)

as far as my husbando goes, he's still up to his old tricks, giving me a hard time every day about some random thing, all while being the best husband in the world. i really don't know what i would do without him! he is such a great guy and i'm so glad i got him for my own..

so i can confidently say that my life is awesome right now :)