Sunday, May 20, 2012

settling down.

i feel like i never have time to blog. really. and all i write about is my kids and hubby. but they ARE my life, right? well, we have moved back into Lexington. Arrived at the end of April with the help of some great friends and youth that were free that Saturday to help. We're in a townhouse this time, hopefully for awhile (until we decide to be somewhere more permanent). we have moved so much the past couple of years that we still haven't made it to a 2 year mark of living anywhere, so hopefully we'll get to do that here. of course i (somewhat) miss our old place. honestly, i thought i was gonna miss it more, but not having to drive so far away to live is SO worth it. i miss the yard b/c it was nice for judah to play in and discover bugs and all that stuff boys do. i also miss the yard b/c it's the one time my husband turned into a human torch..good times. I think mainly i miss the memories that we made there. Not that we don't still hold onto them, but that I somewhat had to leave a piece of me there. I'm really really bad at leaving places. i become really attached. and that was the kind of house one could easily do that with. Perfect little house out in the country, huge yard, quiet...but we enjoyed our time there, and i am glad we are closer to our friends/church/work now. it's already helped so much with gas $$$, mileage on the cars, being 5 seconds away from church. Granted i don't know how long exactly we'll be in this townhome, but i'm ready to settle down and make it home for a few years. Who knows if we'll ever buy a house or not..some people really like to do that as soon as they can, but i'm not sure if we will or not. So we just enjoy what we have now.

and of course in true kelsey blog style, my post would not be complete without and update on the fam..

allen--he has just started going back to the gym for the first time in years. he really wants to get in shape and get healthy. i'm so excited for him! he's been working at his new job for about 2 months now and is really doing well there. they seem to be really pleased with all that he's done, and i can't wait to see what the future holds for him!

Judah--well, what is there to say about a three year old? he loves to be outside in the dirt, finding bugs (he found a grasshopper a couple weeks ago that he named Grass--i know, how original!!), going to the playground at the park. he is into cars, tools, and his books. he still reads himself to sleep every night because apparently the 6 books i read him each night isn't enough ;) he talks to me about his dreams. lately he tells me he dreams about God/how Jesus is in his dreams, which i think is just too awesome and can't wait to see what God has in store for him! he has really gotten good at coloring in the lines for the most part, and he tries to draw pictures of mommy, daddy, and mikaela. he is doing a little better with his letter learning, but he still tells me he "doesn't want to do learning".....and did i mention that yesterday he told me "mommy, you're da man!!"---it was hilarious!

Mikaela--the girl is goin' places. she took her first steps on May 9th, is getting ready to pop out like 4 new teeth on top, and is sassy. she weighs almost 19 lbs as of her 9 month checkup, and is 28.5 inches long, but the girl is ready to conquer the world. she is a TOTAL adrenaline junkie. she loves for me to hold her by the ankles and just swing her back and forth. she likes to try and climb up the stairs..and if she falls, she usually laughs. she doesn't whine as much as i remember judah doing when he was a baby. but needless to say, i'm going to be in serious trouble in a short time. she's wild! she's starting to "talk" alot more now and be more assertive about her opinions on things. she's just a funny kid. and i love LOVE watching her and judah together! they have so much fun with each other. he adores her and just plays and kisses her and she laughs and smiles at him. it's lots of fun for the most part.

but yes, this is my life update for the past month or so. i still need to upload pictures, but i can't find my camera cord anywhere....oh the joys of unpacking!