Wednesday, September 30, 2009

come quickly october-

i LOVE fall!!! like LOOOOOOOOVEEE it!!! i'm used to the sunny, 70 degree septembers i used to know in south carolina. they were wonderful, cool in the morning and beautiful by afternoon. up here in kentucky, i still love fall, it's just alot (ALOT) cooler...yesterday's high was 59 i think. so it's definitely sweater weather! i'm gonna have to ask for sweaters for Christmas because i hardly have any! but yeah, waking up at 5:45 to leave by 6:30 is definitely on the chilly side. i haven't gotten judah's winter clothes yet, and i took him into the grocery store this morning, just to have a lady pretty much bless me out telling me to put clothes on my child..he was wrapped up in a blanket..his toes were sticking out a bit...whatever...i just laughed it off. but i do need to go ahead and stock up on clothes that will be warmer. and as much as i hate cold weather, i do love fall, crisp, refreshing fall. october is my favorite month for no real reason, maybe because the leaves change color and pumpkin picking. i AM going pumpkin picking this year!! it will happen! i didn't get to go last year, and was really bummed about it, so i will go even if it's just me and judah. :) and we get to go trick or treating..well more like "hey look at my baby, he's dressed up, isn't he cute?", hope for some candy and walk away. babies don't eat candy (obviously), so mama and daddy end up eating all the goodies. i don't feel bad. not one bit. haha. but yes, tomorrow will be the first of october and i will be so super excited and happy...let's just hope i can actually enjoy the month..

well, off i go to take a logics test. yippee.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my poor babies!!

well, my baby is sick (officially) for the first time. he is completely on formula now and i think that may have something to do with it. and the fact that i fed him some crazy stuff the other day. and there's a stomach virus going around. all that together makes for something bound to go wrong. he's been waking up at nite, ALL through the nite for the past 2 days just crying and crying. but i think he's starting to get better. he's up to his old shenanigans, trying to take out cords from the wall (YES i'm going to get safety things this week!!! ), playing with everything except for his toys, and trying to explore places that need to be left alone. that's least i know he's feeling better. i think allen's been getting whatever judah had b/c he hasn't been feeling great either! i'm hoping i will stay good...i just need to be back in school! i have missed 2 days and my professors are going to kill me! but in the same token, they need to understand that babies=sickness...all the time!! well i'm off to go run some errands and see if i can't get something done today while the booger is feeling good!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

september's here!!

oh my gosh!! it's september!! i have been sooooo slack on blogging lately! being a mommy takes up so much time---and it is so worth it..although my poor baby's having an episode today. he was up all night just crying and crying. i felt so bad for him! hopefully he'll start feeling better soon. i still can't believe he is 7 MONTHS OLD!! seems like just yesterday i was getting ready to go to the hospital to have him. now i must admit, i do NOT miss the very beginning, waking up 53,000 times a nite, but it has gotten a whole lot better since then. now judah sleeps through the night (he just learned how to stand last month, so he gets distracted trying to go to sleep..he has to wear himself out before he can finally go to bed). he's "walking" around..holding on to the couch and coffee table. he's starting to say "baba" and all kinds of other things that make no's so cute! and he is VERY into food! i will take a bite of my food, and judah will squeal, like "where's mine??"..going to restaurants is quite a task also because he gets very vocal and we are those parents that all the people are looking at, thinking "i wish those people would shut their kid up!!"..but it's all part of the process..and can you believe i have actually had people ask when we're going to have another one???? NOT ANY TIME SOON I HOPE!! judah at least needs to be 2 or 3..i want to enjoy each and every little moment with my man that i can before another one comes along.. :)

as far as the church is going, we had 400 people last was an awesome service!! i can hardly wait to see what happens!! allen's busy with planning everything for the missions department and outreach..all while doing his 8-5 job..he stays busy at the office at night too, so he hardly gets a chance to breathe!! we are hoping to be able to go visit our families in SC sometime soon. we miss them!! but it will be nice to visit anyway. i don't think we'll be able to come home for either thanksgiving or christmas b/c of the way allen's work on-call schedule is, but we'll go sometime in between.

..and's the same old thing, but it's good. being at a large university is something out of the element for me, but i'm enjoying it. i have pretty good professors..still haven't met any people. i'm such an introvert..but i'm hoping i can make some friends!! i walk to and from school (kind of..). i take judah to daycare in the morning and then walk from the daycare to the takes 30 minutes or so, but if i were to park in the student parking, it would take a good 45 minutes, so i just go for the lesser of two evils...i am getting some killer calves though!! :)
i will update soon again, i PROMISE!!