Sunday, June 29, 2014

ch ch changes...

For once the title of my blog entry is accurate to the writing it entails. Lots of changes going on here. First of all let me start by saying that we recently got back from an awesome vacation to Charleston and home. We were able to spend some much needed time with our families and we could just relax. Another friend got married and we found out some of our best friends will be parents for the first time!!! (i'm not jealous in the least!! haha). But back to the whole point of the blog today.


I'm sure once we make our "facebook official" announcement, people will want to know why we are leaving the church, why we are going back home instead of somewhere else, why we would leave such good jobs that we so love....

Well we feel the need to be with our families. They need us and we need them. For various reasons that I don't need to rant on about on a blog. But we definitely feel peace about it and like it is the right thing to do.

Allen told his boss this past Monday that he would not be staying with the company (a company that has treated him like gold ever since he started there almost 3 years ago). His boss was actually great about it and seemed to really understand. Now, as of right now, Allen doesn't have a job lined up for SC just yet. And surprisingly enough, he/we aren't worried about it. It's meant to be, it will work out. I, on the other hand, have been very thankful for my job and the fact that I will be able to transfer to the Greenville store. I am super nervous, but excited. My current captain, Davey has been so great in helping me with the process and keeping current with their store down there as well. My new store will be getting a new captain the week before I start, so it's going to be a good match i think.

Now, our move date???? JULY 26!!! Less than a month!! We wanted to be able to get Judah settled into a routine and all of that stuff before school starts on August 19th. (Getting all of THAT paperwork is another blog for another day though....i'm stressed!!)

Not too much longer. Can't believe I'm having to say goodbye to all of the people that I love so much up here. Yes, i have cried almost every single day since we decided to actually do this move. But it is for the best. And I can't wait to be home......finally.


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