Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Well, we are about a month into our new routine. Every morning we get up by 6:15 (at the latest) and have the kids at the daycare by 7:15 so that Judah can ride the bus to school. His first week we took him there ourselves, but now he's a pro at the bus riding thing. Not without it's complications though. He had a week or so where he would not get on there and we finally figured out that there were some kids on there making him feel uncomfortable. He seems ok now. He ignored them and they stopped. He doesn't really talk about it anymore. He seems to like his class and his teacher. We've been to the open houses and scavenger hunts and all of that fun parent/kid stuff so far and are excited to see what else will happen this year. Overall, he seems pretty happy. And he's learning SO much!! We are very proud of him!

Mikaela seems to like her "school" too. I had to buy her a backpack so she could be a "big kid" just like her big brother. She pretty much wants to do anything he wants to do. And most of the time it's ok, but i can tell that he gets really frustrated with her sometimes and when it does, it usually blows up and turns into a big ordeal. Otherwise, they do well together. It's definitely a love/hate relationship lately. I figure one day they'll love each other. :)

Last week we had Mikaela's follow up appointment for her eyes. Dr. Johnson (that everyone raves about here in G'ville) seemed to not be worried about her eyes. He told us that they are aligned , which is the reason that most people would normally have to get surgery or patch if they didn't have aligned eyes. So that's a big relief. He also told us that her eyesight would probably get worse (farsightedness) for awhile before it gets better. Even in the 2 months since we went to UK hospital her right eye has changed for the worse. I just hope it doesn't get too awful. She acts like she can see for the most part, so i hope she can! Moms have to worry you know...

On Monday Allen started his new job at the Greer Honda dealership. They really seem to want him there, so I know he's excited about the opportunities he has! I know it'll be better than the place in Spartanburg was. He didn't enjoy it there at all!!

Other than that, nothing new. Ready to settle down and get a place to live. I just wish I could afford to buy a house now.