Sunday, February 21, 2010

alot of catching up to do!

Gosh! it's been like TWO months since i have written...

well, let's see where to start:

1) Judah is walking. more like RUNNING! he is everywhere and i can't keep up with him. he is always into stuff and our house always stays messy. kudos to all of you mothers that can manage to keep it all under control. it is definitely hard!

2) we just moved into our new church building last week. it is pretty stinking awesome! and today we had 252 people there. neato!!! :)

3) My wonderful husband is the best person in the world! period. he works so hard to keep me and judahbug happy and i can't thank him enough for it.

4) in t minus 3 weeks amber and cody are getting married. which means ROAD TRIP for me, allen, and judah to charleston. and i get to help with a bachelorette party. and wear a pretty dress. and AMBER AND CODY ARE GONNA BE HITCHED!!!!! YAYYYYYY!!!! :)

5) allen and i went to go get our taxes done. and we left happy. totally weren't expecting much from it, and even thought for some reason we would have to pay in, but we didn't, and we got more than we expected back. God has blessed us more than we could ever ask for.

6) my Judahbug is ONE year old!!! he's such a big boy now!! and i loooooooove him!!

7) Allen's uncle benny is having alot of problems and has recently gotten some bad news. so any prayers for him would be greatly appreciated!!

8) WE ARE GOING ON A CRUISE!!!!!!!!!! CAN. NOT. WAIT. may cannot get here soon enough!!!

9) i feel like one of the "old marrieds" now. it's kinda funny how it changes when you have kids. priorities are definitely different, but i wouldn't change it for anything.

10) I have to say that i have the most incredible friends in the universe: old and new, south carolina and kentucky, You guys and gals are the BEST!! :)

11) One of my big goals for this year is for God to A) help me with my attitude and B) help me be thankful for everything that he's given me and C) not be worried about my will fall into place in His timing, not mine.