Wednesday, May 25, 2011

in the countdown....kind of..

wow, i feel like i haven't blogged in awhile. it really hasn't been that long, just a couple of weeks, but i guess i have had alot going on. i've been anxiously awaiting mikaela's furniture to come in, and it finally did last weekend...i'm so glad because i can finally fix up her room! i'm still trying to decide where i want things to be in the room. right now the crib and dresser are right beside each other, and it just looks like too much, so i've got to move things around until i'm satisfied. i did put the bedding on the crib and i put all of her newborn to 3 month clothes in the drawers...and can i say that this kid has a TON of clothes??!! between the stuff that allen's parents had bought us (which was plenty by itself!!) and then the things i got at my baby shower in South Carolina, Mikaela's set on sleepers and cute outfits. and i still have one more shower this coming saturday. i can't wait!! even if two people show up, i'm super excited! one of my good friends, jordon was nice enough to throw a shower for me and i can't wait to be there getting excited to have a baby!! amber just had her shower last weekend, and it was lots of fun too (minus the fact that i was super late)..i can't believe everly will be here so soon!!

i'll be 31 weeks pregnant on thursday. it's so weird to think that i'm in the single digits almost (for weeks that is....)--so far i've been feeling pretty good, alot bigger alot quicker this time though. my belly is HUGE!! i guess i've just noticed it the past few days. i'm so tired now and all i wanna do is sit and not chase judah around. i'm glad that i do get some time with him in the afternoons at daycare, even if i'm not directly playing with him..that poor child's world is about to be rocked when his sister gets here...i'm trying my best to give him extra attention and just doing what i can. it is hard, though because he is just SO. DURN. ENERGETIC. seriously....he doesn't run out of energy....ever!! but he's alot of fun!! i'm sure he'll be a great big brother (eventually)!! but yes, i can say that i'm ready to get this baby girl outta me...she is so big! and i just want as much time with her and judah as i can get before i go back to school...either way, i'll just be happy to NOT be pregnant..

now to wait for the tornadoes that are coming in tonight....what a great spring we've had...can't wait till the summer when tornado season really starts!!! gotta love the sarcasm....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

is it really May already??

where has the time gone? i anxiously dragged through April, waiting for May to get here. i think i was just sick of the stupid thunderstorms and torrential rain we'd been getting for a month and a half. but now, it's already almost half way through May!!! insane!! on the 2nd, we had our ultrasound with the specialist, and they told us that Mikaela was measuring right on target, that her heart looked good, arms and legs were measuring correctly and that everything else that could be a "marker" wasn't there. of course he told us that if we wanted to know for sure whether or not she'd have Down Syndrome, they could do an amniocentisis, but allen and i figured that either way, we were going to have this baby and love her no matter we passed. and plus, the thought of them sticking a HUGE needle in my stomach just makes me sick to think about!! they did say it could cause an early delivery (which..i must say, i wish would kinda happen so that i can have more time w/ her before i go to school), but i didn't want a 10 weeks early kinda delivery...maybe 2 or 3 and i'll be good :) Also, i made sure they checked to make sure she was still a girl, and she definitely is still a girl!! the ultrasound tech said "there's your bun, hambuger, bun"...yeeeeahhhhh......but i'm excited b/c it was pretty obvious, so now i can go hunt for girly stuff at the stores!!

also, this past weekend judah and i left allen to go down to South Carolina for the weekend. Allen's mom had me the funnest baby shower! there was SO MUCH FOOD (why am i really surprised???? lol) and lots of people too. it was a drop in, so it wasn't like everyone was watching me open gifts, and i got to talk to everyone a pretty good bit. there ended up being about 25 people there or so...pretty good turnout if i do say so myself. and i got to see some people i hadn't seen in forever!! everyone apparently really wanted to dress this baby well, because she has a TON of clothes now!! lots of sleepers and a few more dresses. we also got a baby rocking chair that plays music and vibrates, a thing where they lay on the floor and there's toys hanging above to look at, bibs, diapers (YAY!), a few blankets, and socks...there was some other stuff too, but i can't remember. i'm just glad we pretty much have the big stuff taken care of and all we need is a pack and play and maybe another highchair.

which leads me to mom and dad had given us money for a crib and a dresser, and allen and i had our hearts set on a furniture set that was a super deal and very attractive..when we had gone 3 weeks ago, the guy there told us that it was going fast, so we'd need to get it soon. well, we didn't have the money yet, so we waited..i go in yesterday and told them i at least wanted to reserve it, and they said that it could be 12 to 14 weeks..WEEKS before we may be able to get it again. so, allen and i went out lastnight to look at different cribs. fortunately, babies r us and buy buy baby were having some sales, so we did get a crib set. this one is white (not white white, more like off white--pretty), the other was mahogany colored. we had seen one a babies r us for a pretty good deal, but they wanted to charge $300 for delivery!!!! so, we decided against that really quick. but all that to say that we do have a crib and dresser ordered and it should (BETTER) be delivered to our house on May 21st...i have the bedding, the clothes, and everything else, i just need to get my brain settled by having her room finished before she comes. i'm definitely in that "nesting" phase, whatever that is. so hopefully, in a couple weeks we'll be just finishing up her room, just waiting for her to get here..and yes, that is still like 10 weeks!! I really need to stop rushing things and just enjoy it for once. i'm just excited i can decorate for a baby again. i didn't get to do it with judah b/c we were in transition to Kentucky, but it's nice to have a plan.

hopefully my next post won't be so long and boring...although it seems that every week this month involves a baby or wedding shower of some's gonna be a busy busy summer!!