Wednesday, April 15, 2009

spring showers..and babies

GOSH it's been FOREVER since i've been on here!!!!!!!!
well, judah is (and has been) here!!!! he was born on february 10, 2009---8lbs. 15 oz.---19 1/4 in. long--he was a BIG boy for sure!!! it's funny b/c i just got back from his 2 month appointment with him today and can you believe that he is 13 lbs. 14 oz.?!?!?!?! that is HUMONGOUS!!!! he's gonna be a football player or something one's funny though, because he has the biggest, cutest cheeks and the most amazing smile! i love him so much and even though he's only been in my life for a couple of months, i couldn't imagine life without him!! he's growing like a weed and getting more of a personality each day...he smile, he giggles, he tries to talk (as much as a baby can)..he's so much fun!! he has blue--BLUE eyes---everyone says they'll change eventually, and they probably will considering allen and i both have brown eyes...but i will enjoy the blue for as long as he he has them...a big part of me hopes they won't change...he still has a bunch of hair..i figured it would have all fallen out by now! but he does have a few bald spots.
I felt so bad for him today because when we went to the doctor, he had to get his first big dose of shots. He got some oral thing and then a shot in each was pitiful!! he screamed bloody murder and i felt horrible for him! and i know that doctor had to think i was doing something to him, because as she was checking him, she (and i) saw this long red line on the back of his head...i just knew she had to be thinking i was letting some animal around him, scratching him, and i'm thinking "where in the world did that come from?!?!"--and then i realized it was red pen i used lastnite...i STILL don't know how it got on judah's head, and i know that that crazy doctor thinks i'm weird, but that's ok. i showed her that my hand had red on it too (to make me feel better). oh i'm sitting here watching judah sleep..he's been extra tired after all those shots.

we are still waiting to move....starting to get annoying at this point...allen is coming home today from kentucky and more job hunting. he had been offered 3 jobs, but since he can't work on sunday, they told him nevermind. but i know he'll find something. whatever he's supposed to be doing, he'll do. it's just a matter of time. it IS frustrating though. i think we're both just so excited about being up there that we can hardly stand being here anymore. but it'll give the family a bit more time with judah---since they feel like they're never going to see him anymore apparently :)

here's a few pics from when he was born all the way till now...