Wednesday, October 12, 2011

mid October

ALREADY????? i guess i have been so busy that i didn't realize it is already almost halfway through October! our weather is bipolar right now..nice, warm 75 degree days....cold, harsh 40 degree mornings...i'm just ready to get through the winter and on to March. I am not exactly a fan of Kentucky winters. Last winter was especially snowy and the winter before that was extraordinarily COLD! i'm talking about negative temps....yikes!! i'm hoping for a milder winter this year. i would trade a South Carolina winter anyday! But i'm trying to enjoy the fall for now. Allen's parents came up for a quick visit this past weekend, and we had a lot of fun with them. We got Judahbug a pumpkin to carve (which we have yet to's sitting on our table at the moment). Maybe this weekend we can carve his pumpkin for him. I'll be interested to see how he reacts to it--I'm sure it'll be funny!

Judah's so expressive now. He lets me know what he's thinking, whether it's good or bad. He's such a mess, but I love being able to watch him get smarter each day and ask new questions and make new observations about things. He loves his sister so much (I honestly thought he would be sick of her by now!!) and he is great with her. He loves to grab his blanket from his room and cover them both up on the floor. He'll give her a kiss every time we get out of the car to go somewhere and he is so sweet to her. I think he's starting to like the fact that she's getting bigger, because now when Mikaela sees him, she'll smile so big at him. He loves it.

Mikaela's full of all kinds of noises now. She loves to "goo" and smile and squeak and make all those cute baby noises. She's a tough nut to crack, though, as far as laughing goes. One of the most SERIOUS babies i have ever met. Allen and I have done everything we can to get this little girl to laugh and'll happen eventually, but it's so funny because everything we did to Judah to make him laugh makes her cry (ALOT!). she's such a great baby, though. Really only cries when she's hungry or super tired, so we are very thankful for that! and she sleeps through the night--9:30pm to 7am or so....definitely can't complain!

i am ready for a nice long weekend!!! after today, i need a break. too many screaming babies at once and too much work on my plate..i'm tired!