Wednesday, July 25, 2012

busy busy july..

what has happened to the summer??!! it has gone by so fast! well, i guess it isn't over completely, but it IS almost August. Crazy.

the month started off with two cranky kids. Judah and Mikaela both had super fevers. Judah's (i think) was a reaction to the heat/peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...we're beginning to think he's "intolerant" of peanut butter..yikes. he can eat it, but most of the time he barfs or he'll tell us his tummy hurts. soooo we are just staying away from it for now. Mikaela, on the other hand was having fever and gunk coming out of her eyes and nose. i thought it was some superbug. So i took her to the ER on July 1st because her temp had gotten up to 104.3..of course by the time we got there, the fever was normal,  but they still did some tests on her to make sure it was just a virus. Well, first they did the bloodwork (to make sure there was no bacteria in her blood) and then they had to do a catheter. She peed all over the nurse as she was trying to insert it, and i had a feeling that she was gonna come back with a urinary tract infection b/c her pee smelled so bad! Sure enough, mommy's instincts don't lie and she had a raging UTI. poor baby. Sunday was filled with all kinds of up and down fever/shaking/scary baby stuff, but the antibiotics did finally go into effect. I really wanted her to make it thru her first year with no "serious" sickness. oh well, we almost made it. I feel like Judahbug was always in the doctor's office for his ear infections. But at least he hasn't had anything major. Very thankful for that! I did, however, get some lovely results back from the group that comes through the daycare to do eye exams. They test all the kids to see if they are in the normal ranges for various aspects of eyesight. Judah was normal in all areas except astigmatism. ASTIGMATISM. ugh. i blame that on my husband and his deformed eyes ;) Just kidding hunny. I still love you. I will have to take my baby boy to the eye doctor next month to get a "real" eye exam and probably some glasses to follow.

anyways, on the upside of things, my little Sky turned ONE this past Saturday!!!!!!!! she's a big girl now! we had a little shin-dig at the park with some friends and family, nothing major, but we had cake and ice cream and waterguns and all that fun stuff. And boy let me tell you....the girl LOVED her cake!! at first she just poked around at it (kinda like judah did with his 1st cake), but once she discovered the icing tasted good and there was actual cake, she DUG IN! she had it all over her face, stuck it in her diaper, threw some on the ground....etc etc...she had fun!! Judah had fun with her toys...and the excessive amounts of sugar that we offered the kids :/ once in awhile's ok, right??? haha..but it was a good day. The next day was Allen's and my 6 year wedding anniversary, and we went to go see the new Batman movie, out to eat, and the fair.....i LOVE the fair! i could do that for my anniversary every single year!! literally. we had a lot of fun going at night. it wasn't nearly as hot and we rode the ferris wheel. Good times had by all. :)

The new job at TJ's is going well. Trying to get on a somewhat consistent schedule. Trying to work a little at the daycare so i can keep a discount. Good stuff. Staying busy.