Monday, November 29, 2010

...and it's over

Thanksgiving, that is. and the break that comes along with it. Of course i had in my best of plans, decided that i would have five, FIVE whole days off, so i would: clean the house, organize the house, PACK, get my school stuff done before monday, and try to enjoy the holiday. let's just say i enjoyed the holiday wayyyyy too much! i got NOTHING done! absolutely nothing! i didn't even pack one box! i worked on wednesday, so i didn't get out till late, went home and did nothing...wait...i think allen and i watched a movie. yeah. well, thursday i wake up early so i can get all of the stuff together that i need to cook/take over to our thanksgiving dinner at the claypoole house. i try to time it all perfectly so that i can get my shower in, get judah fed and clothed, and have the food cooked so it would still be piping hot when we got over there. check. then that ENTIRE day, we ate and ate and played games and talked with our friends and just got to relax. amber and cody came over later that night. watched more tv and did a bunch of nothing. went to bed. Friday i had the day off (judah did too b/c the daycare was closed), so it was him and me all day long. not bad at all, but obviously i couldn't really get ANYTHING accomplished with a toddler following every move i make yelling "mommy, mommy!" every chance he, that being said, friday was a "no accomplishment" day as well. and i did take a two and a half hour nap to boot. yeah. i could have gotten so much done. :( sleep is more important to me.. my mom came up friday night, so once she got here, we went out to eat and then came home and watched tv until we all felt like going to sleep. (you see where i'm going with this nothing done)...anyways, up late, showed mom the house we are getting ready to move into, went to big lots, ate at Big boys (really good food by the way), and then went home for a bit. we ate joe bologna's for good...and then took my mom to see the Southern lights. we wanted to let judah see santa, but the line was already crazy, so we didn't even bother. The lights were pretty, and judah thought they were cool too. he kept saying "cool!" the whole time. so funny! we went home and crashed. we were so tired! sunday finally came, my mom left and we went to church and then did nothing all yesterday too. allen and russ got to hang out for a little bit and we watched Predators (i, however, went to bed...i hate those kind of movies).

so yeah, as you can see, none of my "to do" list actually got done. i hardly even washed dishes this weekend. that's actually what i just finished doing before getting on the computer. oh well, life moves on. guess i need to go get some of that stuff done before i don't have any time at all to do it!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

things i am excited about:

Well, as you all know, this is my FAVORITE time of year. so obviously that is one of the things i am so so so excited are some others:::::

*MOVING! i can't wait...seriously.

*getting to see little (ultrasound) baby Duck today :))))) yay!

*having no school or work for three days!!! long weekend for meeeeee

*my mommy's coming up on friday to visit!!

*putting up our Christmas tree (even though it'll be pretty short lived since we move in shortly before Christmas)

*FOOD--->turkey, sweet potatoes, PUMPKIN PIE, stuffing...all of it. i like food wayyy too much!

*spending Christmas with our families. i'm hoping we can all be together this year!

*having a yard that judah can play in (get all of his newly found energy out in lol)

*sappy holiday movies. this time of year always makes me happy..and i cry, alot.

*watching judah open presents--so fun!

*everyone i know is knocked up (aka pregnant) about 8 months from now, i can see a whole lotta babies!! eek!!

*getting to see my hubby more once we move. we are always so busy, and i'm ready for some quiet.

*living in the country..less hectic, slower paced...and we'll be able to see the stars at night :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i love...

I just happen to know the two COOLEST people on the earth! one, being my wonderful son, and the other is my incredible husband.

My Judahbug is the funniest, goofiest child ever! He'll do anything for a laugh and he loves to sing (in one tone just like his father---off key!). He loves to play hard and puts his whole little heart into everything he does. He loves everybody..he likes to give hugs and kisses, and he is just all around great. He is a dance machine (again, trying to imitate dad's dance "moves" lol) and he loves to make a mess. He is such a sweet kid and knows how to make his mommy and daddy smile! We are so very blessed to have such a sweet boy that we can call our own.

This is my hubby. Gosh, I don't really know how he's put up with me for almost 8 years. Wow. That's a LONG time! He is so selfless and works so hard to provide for me and Judah. He is one of the most passionate people I know, and I love that about him. Passionate about God first, me and Judah next, and he just has a desire to live life to the fullest. He'll stick up for anyone and he'd give the shirt off of his back to someone that needed it. He is understanding (which, with me, is a HUGE accomplishment! i AM still in college and all..)..he loves the Lord with all of his heart and then some extra I'm sure he has hidden away somewhere. He is my one and only.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

moving day

(this is my "driving by the house trying not to be too obvious as i take a picture" picture of the you can't see everything)..but here it is...

FINALLY! we are moving into our house! we went by there yesterday to check it out again and ask questions, see all of the things we need to do to keep the house up, etc. etc...I had so many questions when we left the first time we saw the house, but (of course) i forgot most of my questions by the time we visited again. They did put a door up, though..none of the rooms have doors really because the family didn't really see the need for them. But Judah's room will be closed off to the living room. Will still be able to see our room, though, but once we (eventually) get a new bed frame, it won't be so awful to look at. There were some things that I would like to change, but I'm not sure if we'll be able to, since we are renting and all. we got a killer deal, so it kind of makes up for everything that may be "unlikeable"--i just wish i could do some painting and change some fixtures. The light in Judah's room is ancient/antique looking, and as much as i want to keep it (if i were to do judah's room in an antique cowboy theme), I kinda want to get rid of it as well. and i have to think about the fact that if we do have another kiddo down the road, i'll have to think about how to make the room work for both of them. there is the office/bedroom that we could use if we had to, though. i still don't know what i'm going to do with that. probably an office with a futon couch in there incase we have someone come stay with us. I'm just not a fan of paneling, and they still have a bunch of that randomly throughout the house. like the livingroom is pretty big, most of it being white, but then the one wall that the tv is on looks like some paneling/wood wall. i can make that work. I JUST WISH I COULD PAINT!!! that would solve so many of my "issues." It's not a modern house at all, but it's cozy, homey, kinda like your grandma's house, and that is fine with me. I think they said that it was a super small house when they first bought it, but then they added on what is now the kitchen and then the other half of the living room. Originally, it was a four room house..that's why the rooms are kind of odd. But i like it. It's charming, and i think we'll be able to make it work with time. We are hopefully going to get new furniture soon, so that will help (at least when we have people by to visit), and then after that will probably come a new bedroom set. Judah will get his new toddler bed for Christmas, so he'll be good to go. And we'll keep the crib for the future. And I forgot to mention the kitchen and little add-on they've been working on. The kitchen has brand new everything (they just put in new wood floors through the entire house!) and granite countertops. I'll probably change the curtains. I'm not a fan of green, but I can't remember what the walls are, so if they are green, I'll just get my own pattern so i can feel like the house is mine. and the add-on indoor patio is connected to the kitchen and it's like a little breakfast room that will be weatherproofed to the outside and leads to the backyard, which, by the way, is INCREDIBLE!!! anyone's dream yard!! firepit, man cave, garden, apple trees, view of the rolling hills and surrounding horse farms.......heaven. They're still working on a few last minute projects before we move in and they move out. Lots to think about and prepare for...But all of that said, I am very excited. One more month EXACTLY and we'll be able to move! I can't wait to be in a place all to ourselves! and it's out in the country...yes, i still have my mixed feelings about that, but overall i'm super happy. we are near everything that we need, and we'll be in Lexington most every day anyway, so it's not like we are completely away from civilization. But.....we MAY just be able to get a "guard" dog that can stay outside and scare people away. I've always wanted a big dog. Maybe we can actually go through with it!! ;) i'm so happy right now...if only the boxes would pack themselves and be moved and waiting for us once we get there....

Friday, November 5, 2010


It's finally cold here! now, i will be the first to say that i hate (HATE) the cold weather. but it has arrived. i honestly don't think it would be that bad, but lexington tends to be very breezy, so it seems a whole lot colder than it actually is. and it doesn't help that we didn't really get a fall. summer was here, it didn't rain at all, then the cold came. because of the lack of rain, the leaves fell off the trees super early. boooooo!!!!! not my idea of fall. and now, we are getting 20-something degree forecasts. and it's ONLY NOVEMBER! yuck! but thank goodness for the holidays. as much as i despise wearing a coat and warm clothes and getting out in the wonderful, cold nature, i DO love Thanksgiving and Christmas. i'm so excited because i'm ready to move into our house. by the way, it's now postponed till the middle of December. we were supposed to move at the end of this month. another boooooooo...but hey, i'm learning to look at the positive. it's hard though. so for now, i'll go enjoy myself a cup of hot chocolate and listen to Christmas carols while i wait to leave for work. :)