Thursday, December 30, 2010

soooo slack!

yes, i am a slacker. i am such a slacker. i should really update this blog more often, but i am SOOO busy, and with NO internet in the boonies, this is what happens. i have to run to the library for my hour allotment of being on the internet and i try to play catchup with my email, bills, blogs, facebook, etc....yeah..hopefully when school starts back i will be able to update my life more often.

but to put it in short terms...

things i am SUPER DUPER excited about:

1) THE NEW YEAR!!! bring it on 2011!! bring it ON!

2) Judah turning two..yes..we are working on a birthday party..(but like i said, i AM a slacker, so i don't have one detail put together for it)

3) going on a vacation when we get our taxes back (if we get enough)...i need to go somewhere tropical. asap.

4) being more involved with church..i just don't do enough and i know i could!

5) hopefully getting to go down to SC more...i am seriously having parent/grandparent withdrawals!


7) well, really i just want some warmer weather so that judahbug and I can go enjoy our backyard and walk down the road and see horses and pick apples....

so just a few things i'm excited about for this next year..hoping i can be a better person and not complain as much (i know. i'm really bad at it..)

love you all.

Friday, December 17, 2010

so sleepy~

well, we are OFFICIALLY moved in. it's taken me forever to get on here because we don't really get the internet out in the boonies where we live. i know our friends think we are crazy for living out where nobody is, but I think we'll like it. Definitely won't be the same as living in Lexington, but it'll be nice. Let's see...we moved in (our big stuff) on Monday....COLD AS HECK! windy, snowy, crappy weather. but we did it! got new furniture in and we slept on our bare mattress and froze our butts off. I have no clue where any of our stuff is in those boxes and i was wayyyyy too tired to even care!

fast forward four days...we are in the house completely...gave the apartment complex the keys wednesday afternoon b/c the weather was supposed to be awful, which ended up happening and my exam got postponed...beside the point...on the plus side, i did get to have a mommy/judah day yesterday because we couldn't go out on the roads. it was nice..i got some unpacking done and judah got a nice LONG nap (he seriously has been needing one of those for a week now). allen and i got our christmas tree and put the lights on it. still need to do ornaments, but we'll get there. We have been EXHAUSTED! lastnight we went to bed at 10. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. at least with allen. i would happily go to bed at ten every night, but he likes to be a night owl, so most of the time i'm up with him. but we slept. well.

and today i'm hoping to actually get a day of work in for the week and go to the grocery store and stock up on some food just incase we get another random round of weird weather.

Monday, December 6, 2010

so. flipping. cold.

for the most part i don't mind walking to school..i consider it my workout for the day. 25 minutes or so there, 25 back. but today is a different story. it is 18 degrees outside and COLD!!!!! i tried to forget what last year's winter was like, but i don't remember it being 18 degrees in december!!! granted we didn't get snow last year until january. i just don't know how i feel about this weather. yes, i LOOOOVE the snow!! HATE the walk to school. last year, i slipped and fell flat on my face too many times to count (i should really invest in some grippy shoes)..hopefully, i will do better this year ;) it's so embarrasing though. i guess that is what happens when summer lasts so long. it's like BAM! time for winter!! at this rate, it'll be in the negatives by the new year. yikes....i'm not diggin it. i would "dig" a white Christmas though. that would be pretty sweet!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

december, you're finally here!

thank goodness!!!! i have been waiting forever for this month to come~~~~well, only about 3 months really, but it's finally here! three months ago is when we got to see our house for the first time..and found out that we'd be able to rent it for a killer deal. so i've been trying to be patient all this time, but it's so hard! i'm not patient in the LEAST!!!!! but here we are, less than TWO WEEKS away from moving! i'm so excited!

ok. enough about that. another thing i'm happy about is the snow that came down yesterday! what a great way to bring in december! it's been nice and (relatively) warm up until now. this morning it was 24 degrees outside when i was leaving the house. cold, but not as cold as january will be i'm sure. and i still have to buy judah a snowsuit! yikes! i'm so behind on that.

we haven't even thought about buying anything for christmas yet because we have been so super busy with packing and doing last minute things (and school)'s crazy! we'll be those people out there two days before christmas trying to get everything done...not looking forward to it. but at least judah will actually get to enjoy opening presents and stuff now that he's old enough to begin to understand.

and yes, he's still scared of santa. we attempted a practice santa moment at the claypoole house Thanksgiving day, and he saw it, and backed away as fast as his little feet could take him. so it should be interesting to see what santa pictures will be like (if they even happen at all!)

now i'm off to work....bleh...totally not in the mood to do much of anything! i just want to stay at home and pack and clean and be a crazy woman all by myself. allen tends to pace around the house and not know what to do if i tell him to i prefer to do it by myself ;)