Sunday, June 27, 2010

my child is "diseased"--ahhhh!!

not really. he's got hand foot mouth disease. i noticed a light rash on him friday afternoon, then by saturday it had spread to his belly, back, and a little around his mouth. today it's all the way down to his feet (i haven't seen any on his hands yet) and some in his mouth as well. if you google image it, it looks disgusting--blistery yuck and what not. fortunately, judah's isn't really that bad. he was really fussy friday and saturday-fever-i figured it was still from the ear infection, but i'm sure now it was this too. apparently its one of those things that goes away by itself, but the rash will stay for awhile. so my child will be spotty for another couple weeks i guess. but that's ok...he's worth it :) and not to mention he gave me THREE sloppy wet kisses right on the MOUTH tonight before he went to sleep. ah...heaven!! :) he used to kiss his hand and then stick it on my mouth...and that would be his kiss to me. he's just going in for the kill now. haha. can't wait to see what he's like as a teenager. but until then, i will just love every moment of him. sickness, kisses, and all!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

..and the ear infections strike again!!

so i am very thankful today. all three of us have insurance, but we are in the middle of getting judah's switched. so of course this means NO INSURANCE for awhile. i've been anticipating (dreading) judah undoubtedly getting sick, so it finally happened. i was at daycare yesterday working, judah down the hall, and his teacher is like "kelsey, judah's got a fever of 101.5"--so i know automatically this either has to be teething or an ear infection. awful high temp for teething, so i knew it had to be the other. judah is notorious for his ear infections. he's had one it seems every month since last october, leave out a couple of those. i'm glad he took the month of may off because we were on our cruise and that would have been miserable. but anyway, i'm sitting there, watching my babies, wondering HOW am i going to take him to the doctor with no insurance. ER's are wayyyy expensive just for a visit. and i'm not spending $400 just for them to give judah tylenol. ridiculous. so tina (judah's teacher) told me that there was a place in town that would see babies for free, so i figured i would try to look it up online. i knew i could take him to the health dept., but waiting for 4 hours is not my idea of fun unless i ABSOLUTELY have to do it! so i found the address to this place, and found out they are open 7:30-9am each day, and it's volunteer doctors that will help your baby. so i jumped on it, and got there at 7 (i figured there would be a line, or something that would take forever)...ended up sitting in the car till 7:30 when they opened. walked in, filled out some paper work, saw a doctor within 30 minutes.she checked him. healthy but ears were infected (surprise, surprise!!).waited a few more minutes for medicine/prescription. and it was all free. yes FREE! granted the dr. office is for people that don't have insurance at all, so it's not like i can go there regularly, but it was such a blessing. the doctor that saw judah was amazing. i wish she was his doctor all the time! we even got his prescription for free. they filled it up right there for us i'm so glad tina told me about this place, because i would have been dreading taking judah to the ER, knowing it was just a simple ear infection. so i'm very glad that things turned out the way they did. and i'm just hoping my booger starts to feel better very soon! he's been starting to act himself (except he REFUSES to take his meds), so i guess tomorrow will be better.. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Dadda's Day!!! Judah lovingly calls his daddy :) He is the best dad ever and judah loves him so much! we have had a fun weekend--james is in for the week and yesterday we got to go to the aquarium up in newport, ky. it was so much fun. minus the retarded backpack we had to carry judah in--imagine filling up your high school bookbag up the heaviest it can go and then having to carry that around for hours. and not to mention, judah isn't the lightest kid in the universe. he's at least 26-27 lbs...and on the back, especially with a sucky's not such a good idea. but it was so much fun! judah liked the jellyfish and the big fish and the birds. we saw jordon, jeremy, and marley too and so that was fun!! we tried to find a mall to hang out for a little while before dinner...ended up in the we just decided to stay in the car. very glad we did. haha. we had a nice dinner before going back home to swim for a bit. somehow i'm getting tan when we have our evening swims. but hey, it's better than nothing. last weekend i went to the pool with sarah and got so burned, so i'll take my mini tan sessions. today we really just relaxed all day. it was nice. nothing to have to do at all. allen and james went swimming while me and sarah hung out (and got bubble tea!!!!! ). judah took a nice, long nap so that was relaxing too. i think he wore himself out at church earlier. he was up early this morning acting like tarzan and laughing at himself, so i'm sure he was ready for a nap. he got to play with daddy for a little bit and then i put him to bed. all in all, it's been a pretty good weekend....wonderful father's ready for a great week!! :)

(just like daddy!! just

Happy father's day to my wonderful hubby!!! i love you!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

..and summer is HERE!!

this has been a pretty good summer so far. i've definitely been enjoying having the time off. during the school year, i normally take judah into daycare around 6:30-7, then walk to school, come back in at 1 to work till 5 or so. but summer has allowed me to have some more time for me. it's wonderful. i don't really sleep in (thank you judah :) ) anymore, but i think if i slept in till 11 everyday, i would go crazy because the day would go by super fast. but i've been working different hours from week to week, and it's nice not doing the normal everyday thing i've been used to for the past seven months or so. sometimes i'll take judah in in the morning and then go home to get some things done. You would think a one year old wouldn't be so destructive, but he is. he is a walking TORNADO!!! if he's home with me when i'm trying to clean up, it's like i'll clean something, i'll turn around and it's either on the floor again, or it has fingerprints all over it. i think our tv is always covered with them. and he always tries to put the dvds in the dvd player for us. which doesn't usually end well, because we tell him "no" and he starts crying or throwing a tantrum. which is another thing...i did NOT know one year olds were so difficult. if they say it's the "terrible twos", then i'm screwed, because judah's definitely having some VERY terrible "ones." he'll just scream for no reason, get mad and try to throw things, and just pout on the floor. he's not alone, though, because all of his little friends at daycare do the same thing. it must just be one of those things that happens when you turn one. you immediately turn into a brat, want mommy ALLLL the time, are a picky eater, and so many other things. ugh. but i love him. SO MUCH!! and i'm glad i get to be with him a little more over the summer.

we have pretty much already had our summer vacation--the cruise--it was really fun, but i wish i had been feeling better so that we could have done more. allen and i would go watch the people in the dance club and laugh because sadly, there are some people out there that are horrible. and yes, we got joy out of their "talent." we got to go to st. thomas and st. maarten, both of which are beautiful! st. thomas was more Americanized, but so beautiful! i wish we'd gotten to go to the beach. we were just all so tired, and i was was a miserable day, but beautiful! st. maarten was so relaxing...a little more run down (as we had to drive to the other side of the island), but once we got to Orient beach, it was so worth it. quiet, relaxing....i could have sat there ALLday long under my umbrella watching the ocean and all of the people. oh yeah, and we didn't know it was a nude beach, either. so i saw a really old OLD guy in some dental floss (aka...thong). YUCK! but it was really funny...that was the only "nude" person we saw, thank goodness...but yeah, i don't know if there are any more vacations planned. i hope we can make it down to SC to see our families a couple times, even if it's just over the weekend. i miss them so much!

other than that, we've not been doing anything exciting. we did have a great servant saturday this past weekend for the Bridge. the guys mowed lawns and helped people move while the girls took cookies and brownies to our local cops and firefighters. judah even got his own little fire hat. it was really fun though, and the people seemed so appreciative. i also got to go to deidre's baby shower, which was so much fun! she looked beautiful and she got so much stuff for adelina--i was so happy for her..i'm just ready to see that little girl already!

well, i'm gonna have to run. gotta go get judah's 15 month shots, and maybe a baby date with marley later!! :)