Friday, July 23, 2010

happy (late) anniversary!

so, yesterday was allen's and my 4 year anniversary....i can't believe it's already been that long! it seems so fast and slow at the same time. we have had a baby (who's pretty awesome), moved to kentucky, and yes..i'm still STILL in school! but we are happy. life definitely takes us down roads we don't always expect, but i kind of like the mystery. i don't want my life to be all planned out and i don't want to know what is going to happen. allen and i have decided we are just going to go with the flow as far as our future is concerned. i know lots (if not most) people want to buy that ultra-nice little 3 bedroom house with the cute backyard, plan playdates, have the perfect job...that is not us. so what? we're weird. part of me would love to have my own day. but allen and i just think there is so much life to be lived everywhere else too. we'll probably end up in Timbucktoo, but i think we are ok with that. when we got married we talked about our dreams and hopes for our life, and though it's not exactly how we've planned it, it's pretty cool and i'm happy. sometimes i think God throws a wrench into our plans so that we can realize it's not all about us in the first place. and yes, i'm pretty sure He has a great sense of humor sometimes. but all that to say that even though we didn't know what we were getting ourselves into four years ago, it has helped make us who we are today. i hope to have many more years with my hubby because he is awesome!

oh and did i mention, he took me to the FAIR lastnight????? i haven't been since i was nine, so i was more than stoked to be able to go!! and we had a blast!!! ate lots of junk and saw lots of stinky animals. and old rides that i rode when i was a kid. so fun!

Wedding day: July 22, 2006

Four years later (excuse me looking disgusting...we were out in thousand degree weather!)


Monday, July 12, 2010

not such a perfect smile

yes, that would be me referring to my adventurous, fearless 17 month old, judah. he chipped his tooth. not really bad at all, but not his perfect pearly whites anymore. :( too bad he didn't chip his tooth in a daring, crazy manner. he just pulled the glass door underneath the tv out and bonked himself. i'm sure this is just the start of something. and i wouldn't be surprised at all if it happened again. i just hope that if he does decide to chip another tooth, it's a baby tooth and not a permanent one. at least baby teeth fall out. it could be alot worse! he's very curious and into EVERYTHING so i know the day will come when he does something that freaks me out even more! but i love him so much. he reminds me so much of allen it's not even funny.

besides chipping the tooth, he's not been into anything new. he's been SOOOO's like he was normal, happy, CALM judah on friday and then i go into his room on saturday morning and he's already waiting for me, holding onto the crib railing, jumping up and down with a BIG smile on his face...ready to face the day. he didn't stop. literally. ran around allll weekend. ran through the house. ran at the park. ran at church. ran at the arboretum. ran everywhere! ran away from me when we were trying to take pictures on sunday. lots of running. lots of exploration. lots of finding big sticks and branches and trying to conquer the world (as much as a not even 2 year old can conquer the world haha)..he's fun. he's my calorie burner every day. he's a mini allen...which of course, i LOVE!! ;) and he's got a huge part of my heart. especially when he gives me big kisses. i melt.

i love my little man (and my big boy--aka allen)..they are my world and i wouldn't change anything :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i must confess..

I LOVE ICE CREAM!!! and snow cones and anything else that may be in the freezer that is cold and sweet..i swear i'm going to become diabetic from my love of ice cream and all those kinds of goodies....

here are a few of my favorites:

i LOVE this particular's like vacation for my mouth...(yeah i know..weird..haha)..

snowcones are my weakness...still hunting for some more snowcone huts up here....makes me miss century b and the place on wade hampton :(

one of my new favorites...don't get these often at ALL!

passion tea lemonade--i could totally have this drink every single day of my life. it's that good.

and last, but not least.......


well, there you love for these things is out in the least i admitted it. at least i don't have to worry too much about getting fat. it's not like i can afford one of these things every day... :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

kentucky is some aspects :)

can not believe it's july. and also cannot believe fireworks are "illegal" in kentucky. how gay is that.

hopefully we can find someplace that does do fireworks for the 4th....and i hope judah doesn't freak out when he sees them. he's been a little weird lately.