Sunday, November 17, 2013

life right now

Well, a little catch up on our lives. Halloween was fun. A day late, but still fun. The kids loaded up on candy and they had a great time trick or least until Mikaela decided she wanted her M&M's RIGHT THEN and started a screaming fit. At that point we decided it was time to go crash and sleep. The next day was supposed to be uneventful...that is, until my family came to see me at work when i got off, and I noticed that Sky's tooth/mouth was bleeding. Second look revealed a pushed back front top tooth and a mommy (ME!!) that was totally freaking out. Of course I'm not on the ball and we don't have a family dentist, so I was pretty much calling every dentist that would answer to see if they could help. Long story short, we ended up taking her to Dr. Dillow in Hamburg. She got an x-ray and he said that she had an intruded tooth...meaning it's jammed up in there, looks shorter than the other front top tooth....but it isn't broken/fractured/etc and should eventually fall back into place. Of course if it doesn't turn back white (after initially turning brown), then we'll have to call back...BUT i'm hoping we won't have to do that!! (Although i have noticed her tooth is darker these past few days..normal from what i've read online). But she's in good spirits like normal. She didn't hardly cry when she fell on the stairs and also did remarkably well at the dentist (I was shocked). So i'm thankful for a happy girl.

No news besides that (at least that I can talk about right now...and NO i'm not pregnant!)....We are busy at church, restructuring some things around. Pastor Lee and family have moved to Charlotte so it's pretty much Allen and Russ speaking right now. I'm still trying to figure out what i want to do with the kids department. It's fun to be back there, but hard also because it's not as structured as I'd like, and it's my fault. It's difficult with such few kids. Mainly staff ones at that. But they are great. And working with Joy is a (get ready for this one) JOY and I wouldn't want anyone else to be my partner in crime. But it IS hard and I'm frustrated and learning how to be the best I can be in so many areas right now.

Anywho, I'm trying to think of what else I had to say.

What the kids are doing right now:
-if she messes up, she'll say "Oh MAN!!"'s really funny.
-clutzy as anything. falls on everything. tooth accident makes sense.
-obsessed with her dolls (feeding them, changing their "diapers", nurturing)
-follows me everywhere..definite mommy's girl right now..
-LOVES to watch SuperWhy.

-master at writing his first/last name
-star student of the month..yay!!!
-i feel like everything i do "hurts his feelings" in one way or the other..its so annoying!!
-loves to argue. about everything. even if it's a non arguable subject.
-thinks he is the center of the universe (we are working on this..but he's 4. i'm hoping it's normal :/)
-SO. MUCH. ENERGY. We need a fenced in backyard SO BAD!! or a dog..

some pictures of what's going on :)


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