Sunday, November 24, 2013

Time for some turkey!!

Three day work week and then it's TIME TO RELAX!! I'm sure these days will go by sooooooo slow, but it's ok. We will be busy, so hopefully that'll help. At Trader Joe's when we sell a turkey, we gobble. Like gets loud and crazy at my work. But so SO much fun! And it's a good way to get people to laugh at us (and spread a little holiday cheer). So yes, with all of the holiday happiness, I can't wait to actually celebrate Thanksgiving. We were planning on getting together with some of our family, but now we won't be able to, so we will be having a quieter Thursday. Maybe get some Christmas stuff done.

Judah is dying to start buying Christmas decorations and making gingerbread houses and cookies for Santa, et cetera, et cetera. He has literally asked me every day (at least once) if it's Christmas time yet. I can't wait for him to open his presents. He's going to love them! I think he'll just be excited to bake stuff with me come holiday time. I'm excited to be traveling to see the family, even if it is just a short visit. We are overdue on seeing everyone, and with all of the church changes, it's been a little crazy around our house.

On a totally different note, I have to share a story about my boy that happened this past week. I came to pick him up from school on Monday and he told me he broke his glasses. NOT a good way to end the day, especially when it had already been a doozy. But he told me later on that he was fighting with a girl who pulled them off. And so immediately I was mad because I didn't want him to be mean to his friends. Later on, he told me that (in so many words), he was defending another little girl that the girl who pulled off his glasses was trying to pick on her. So Judah was standing in front of the little girl being picked on and got his glasses ripped off so that she wouldn't get picked on. So later on this week when his teacher told me that he was actually defending his friend, I felt much better that he was 1) telling the truth and his story was the right one and 2) standing up for his friends, especially a girl.....he's such a great kid!

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