Saturday, June 30, 2012

ohhhh june!

cannot believe it is the LAST day of June! it has flown by..

haven't had much extra time, but here's what is going on in our lives--

1. I got a job at Trader Joes--first day was yesterday...CRAZY BUSY!!! that's all i have to say about it right now, but it was great!

2. Church life has overtaken everything. we are so busy at church all the time..good things happening.

3. Allen's still enjoying Don Jacobs. He's fitting in real well over there..i'm happy for him!! he's been busy at church doing all kinds of stuff, but he loves it all!

4. Judah is growing up into quite the little man! he's not a baby at all anymore and wants to do everything himself! sometimes it gets on my nerves but i try to just enjoy the fact that he still wants me to help him with some stuff..

5. Mikaela is almost ONE! Can't believe it! She is walking like a mad woman, saying/waving "bye bye" and just being a normal moody tot. She is kinda sick right now, so i'm hoping she feels better soon!

and that is our life (as of now) in 5 bullet points...

hope to blog better next month!!