Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010, here we come--

ok, SOOOO not ready for another year!! i AM ready for taxes to come back...the extra moolah is always nice. i am ready to watch my little boy get bigger..well kinda. he's growing up too fast! we will be having his first birthday party soon!! it's so hard to believe! time has FLOWN by! and now judah's such a little man. he just started walking..and now it's gonna be hard to stop him. he's been walking for a week, and now he is more daring each day! ahhh! i'm in trouble!! i went to babies r us today to stock up on babyproofing stuff because i have such a curious little boy. he's so fun though. and to see him and allen together is so cute. allen walks in from work and judah gets the biggest grin on his face and starts laughing hysterically just because he loves his daddy so much! i love to watch them together. and at daycare judah "loves" all of the other babies....he tries to love them. he ends up patting them to death or cuddling just a little too close. but it's funny nevertheless. all those kiddos love each other and find each other so funny. i love to watch them all together. but this is judah's last week in my room. he's moving on monday to his new room. :( but that's ok. he'll probably do better without me in the same room as him. he's becoming mr. independent. ahhh!! my baby's growing up too fast!! i guess time flies when you're having fun.....oh and did i mention judah HATES santa?? so hilarious!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Have yourself a merry little Christmas..

Ok wow! so where did all the time go?? It's been so busy up here in the McAbee household..nothing really exciting, mind you, but just go go go ALL the time!! we are getting ready for Christmas next week. I am SO excited, but not ready at all! I have no (NO!) shopping done, and it's a crazy mess here. we live right across the street from the mall, and it takes a year just to get over there. I try to avoid as much as possible! We are getting ready for the family to come up, excited to see them of course..but I have not cleaned my house to the extent I would like for it to be cleaned for company. AHHHH!! I'm like a crazy woman when people come over. I want everything absolutely perfect! Oh well, it'll work out. I just need to finally get our curtains and decorations up. I'm such a procrastinator. We have had a mirror and pictures for the kitchen in our hallway since we moved here, and they are still there. Still! I'm so bad! But I promise they'll be up before Wed., when everyone gets up here! :)

On an exciting note, we are supposed to be getting snow tonite!! I'm so excited!! :) Judah can play in it...he just got a new HUGE snowsuit, he needs an excuse to wear it!!