Monday, October 19, 2009

it's the most wonderful time of the year!!! (to me)

well, i cannot believe how quickly this month is going by!! i was so looking forward to october being here, and now it's almost gone!! ahh!! pretty soon it'll be christmas, and goodness knows i am NOT ready for christmas yet!!! that's my next favorite part of the year..and judah's gonna get lots of presents and get into everything i'm sure! :) he's sure getting bigger..yes, i know. that's all i say, but i think others would agree. everyone's like "how old is he????" and when i tell them, they're like "oh wow! he's big! i thought he was at least a year.." and i'm like ok, well at least my baby's healthy..ha. healthy. thats an understatement for sure. he's a pretty good kid i reckon. he's starting to show his stubborn side (just like his father...yes!) and he's very tempermental (like his mother). but he's ohhhhh so fun!! he keeps acting like he wants to walk, but he's not there yet. he's been "walking" along the couch for months now, but nothing new. he's trying to talk and he will fuss (oh will he FUSS) when allen or i do something he doesn't like. usually its changing his diaper or putting clothes on him. he's a nudist baby. he loves to be naked. must be a man thing. haha..but yes, he will just babble on and's so funny!

in other news, there's absolutely NOTHING new going on! allen's trying to organize the mexico trip for next year, and he is constantly busy working on stuff for church! but he really enjoys it, so kudos to him...i'm so proud of everything he does. he's the best husband. ever.

i have been doing better at cooking every night. i just get so busy doing other stuff, and then i get frustrated trying to learn new recipes. but i still do them and usually it's worth it. i've had some pretty good dinners here lately, so i'm proud of myself. being a full time mom and student can be a tad stressful, but it's so worth it! just to see my little man smiling at me, excited to start the day will make anyone's heart grin. :)))))) i love him. and i love my hubs. and my friends. they rock my face off. period.

now hopefully our family get to go find some fall spirit this weekend with jeremy, jordon, and marley and FINALLY get a pumpkin!! so exciting!!!!