Friday, October 5, 2012

2 months later, and it's October already!!

sooooo i fell off blog earth again. typical Kelsey fashion. i've got it down to a "once a month" blog if i'm lucky. September wasn't so lucky i guess. we were pretty busy though. we took the kids to the zoo, went to the pumpkin patch, had an awesome fall kickoff at church. Judah moved up to preschool, Mikaela is moving up to the toddler room. I've been sick (until recently, thank goodness--it lasted WAY too long!). so was busy. still is. Work has been crazy. Allen's been busy at church and work and everything else he manages to squeeze into his schedule. i really don't know how he does it, but i'm proud of him. The babies have managed to stay healthy so far. winter's still coming, so i know the inevitable will happen, but thankful for good health. which leads me to say this.....I FINALLY HAVE INSURANCE!!!! haven't had it in about a year and a half. Allen hasn't had it for almost a year, so we are thrilled to have it again...and at that, it's killer good insurance. I've gotta say, TJ's knows how to hook their employees up with GOOOOOD insurance for not that much per month. For dental, vision, and medical, our whole family costs about as much as just medical would have cost for Allen and i if we'd bought it outside of being through one of our companies. So yeah, good deal. great insurance. great copays. i'm one thankful lady right now just for that! I can finally go to the doctor again!!!! :)

The babies are doing well, just hanging in there. Judah has hit what i'm going to call the TERRIBLE THREES. they are awful, terrible, pull your hair out kind of moodswings and tantrums and all sorts of stuff. He wants what he wants and there is no other way around it. if he doesn't get what he wants, he freaks out...usually ends up having to take a time out or not get cartoons because he doesn't want to listen to mommy or daddy. I hope this stage passes soon, because if he asks me for another jelly sandwich and cartoons as soon as we get home..I WILL LOSE IT! the kid would live off jelly, cheese, and pizza if i gave into what he wanted every day. i've heard at age four, it gets better because they start to mature more and it's just ok all the way around. On that note, he is star student for October. at least he's good for his teacher.

Mikaela is a ball of energy. Anything she can get her hands on, she will. She wants to be with me, attached to my hip at ALL times, doesn't matter if i'm cooking, cleaning, using the bathroom, taking a shower. You name it, she HAS to be there...or she cries and cries and cries. Part of it is her molars i'm sure, the other part is me taking the pacifier away..the other part, i think she's just rotten. but that's ok. she's my little girl and it's ok to spoil your babies, right?? she doesn't say much, but she's pointing at everything. She says "mama", "more", and she finally said "dadda" and something that sounded like banana. She's getting there. But she's a busy girl. Loves to climb and get into things she shouldn't. Way worse compared to Judah was. i do love her so much, though.

Now. maybe some pictures??