Saturday, April 14, 2012

catchup on the past month

wow. can't believe i haven't written in a month! i always say that..but really just been busy!! i REALLY need to put pictures up here. i know, i always say that too, but we have a jacked up computer that isn't working right... :( anywhoo, i'll get them up eventually. let's see, what have we been up to? well, mikaela started crawling at the beginning of march and pulling up by the end of march. we went to Myrtle beach for a week and had SO MUCH FUN! mikaela loved eating the sand and judah was afraid to get in the ocean because of the germs (only my child haha)..overall, great trip! we really got to relax and enjoy each other! allen started his new job right before we left for the beach actually, but he's back and enjoying the new work environment. wayyyyy better than his other one. and plus, it doesn't hurt that he gets to work with one of his best friends! He gets to work with cars now, so it's a more "manly" job (or so he says)..i think he's just funny!

at the end of the month, we will be moving back to Lexington. We have really enjoyed it out here in the country, but we both know it's time to go back. i am going to miss our BEAUTIFUL sunsets and quiet setting. and sitting out in the backyard with the kids. Lots of perks if you like the quiet life. Which i do. in some ways, i wish we could be out here forever just because it is an idyllic setting for raising a perfect little family, having a big yard for the kids to play in, yadda yadda yadda...but we need to be close to work and the church and our friends. and did i mention that gas is ridiculous?! but lots of memories here..and yes, i will definitely be writing a blog post about our life here at the house. and i'm sure i will cry while writing it. i get wayyyy too attached to places where i have made memories.

ok, moving on before i get sad NOW...well, i can't think of much else (we lead pretty boring lives lately!), but i will be back with beach pictures and my sad blog post on our house :( i'll be in depression for a short while, but when we move, at least we'll have a new place to make memories!