Tuesday, August 5, 2014

We have jobs!!

A week and then some later.....things are going pretty well. I started work on the 29th and for the most part it went well. A whole lot of meeting new people. My head hurts from all of the people I'm still meeting a week later. But I've started to get to know some fellow crew members. Still don't think it will ever be the same as my old store (I know it won't be the same!)...627 is my first love and everyone there is my family. It will be good here once everyone gets used to each other and the new captain (who is apparently changing alot of things). But it will take some time. Trying to just keep a positive attitude.

Allen has been busy juggling staying home with the kids and searching for a job. Last week he put out a bunch of applications at a bunch of places, with some potentials at Greer Honda, Greenville Audi/Volkswagen, and Spartanburg Volkswagen. He actually got an interview in Spartanburg as a service advisor and yesterday was offered the position. He took it, mainly because it's income. I think ideally he'd love to work at the Audi place (because everyone that works there is a Christian, really good atmosphere, etc) but it's not "available" until January. They seemed genuinely interested in him. And he really liked Honda too because he loves owning a Honda, but that's still a couple weeks away from even an interview because of some training. So.........all that to say, he starts in Spartanburg on the 21st, and if the Honda place offers the right amount in between now and then, he will probably take that one instead. We are just thankful for jobs!!!!! Forgot how hard starting over can be!! But glad we are doing it now and not later.

The kids are doing ok. Judah more so than Sky. She's having a really hard week, asking where her friends are and realizing we aren't on vacation anymore. LOTS of melt downs and tantrums and acting out. It's awful. Judah was a horrible 3 year old, she seems to be following suit. But it will eventually get better. Judah is just ready for kindergarten and is so excited!! I can't believe my boy is going to school!

Until the next major change.


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