Monday, August 18, 2014

Kindergarten already?!

How is it that my firstborn, my baby boy is starting kindergarten tomorrow?? For the past five and a half years, all i heard was "Enjoy it while they're little. Time flies." They weren't kidding. It has flown. It feels like not too long ago that Allen and I were bringing him home from the hospital, that we were moving our little family up to Kentucky for the biggest life change ever, that he was learning to walk and talk and all of that "little kid" stuff. And now he is so grown up. He can ride a bike (with training wheels still), he can write his full name, he likes to go fishing with his daddy and play ball with his papas. He is maturing more every day. He definitely misses his friends in Kentucky and he's sad that he can't be with them, but he seems to be ready to move on to the next chapter. He says he's not excited, but i think he's just nervous to be out of his comfort zone. "Big" school is a lot different than the little 14 kid class that he was part of before we moved back home.

Now is this Mama ready? I don't know. I have so many questions/fears/what ifs running through my head.

Will he get along with the other kids?
Will he be nice?
Will he go listen to his teacher and be respectful?
Will he make friends?
Will he miss me (just as much as i miss him)?

It's just so weird. Like watching this little person grow and learn and observe and teach me things, now ready to take on the world in his own little innocent way. I hope he does well. I hope he's nice and he listens and washes his hands after he goes to the bathroom and all of that stuff. I hope Allen and I have prepared him the best that we can. It's so hard to not know. And it's so easy to compare yourself to others. And their parenting techniques. But it's time to let him go. We have prayed for him and we know that he belongs to God. He will take care of our Judahbug.

I can't wait to see how his first days go. I really (really) hope he enjoys it and makes some new friends. And secretly, i hope he kinda misses us too. That's just the mom side of me talking, quietly reflecting on all of the moments that have shaped my son for this next part to his life, and missing him already.

He's going to do great. Now if I can just enjoy every moment as it comes so that it all doesn't feel like such a blur as the first 5 years have. My boy is growing up. Fast.

So all that to say....
Kindergarten here we come! :)


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