Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

wow...we have had quite a day!! we didn't go down to SC for Thanksgiving this year (big bummer!!), so we decided to stay at the house and do a semi-homemade turkey dinner. Allen and I thought it would be one of those things where we went to Kroger, picked up the "already cooked-all you have to do is heat it up" Thanksgiving dinner, cook a few extra sides, and be ready to go for today. NOPE.

it was more like this: wake up early to make sure that we have everything we need, start the macaroni while i see how to figure out a "fully cooked" turkey, clean the house (again), bathe the kids, baste this stupid "already cooked" turkey, stick the ham in with the turkey, wait for company to get to the house, feed the baby, feed the booger, greet everyone who arrives, fix the sides, check the turkey (again), and somewhere in there get a bath myself. whew!!!! it was quite a morning!!! but we had so much fun having Russ, his parents, and Ashlee over today! we ate A LOT of food...and it was actually pretty good for being somewhat homemade, somewhat not. We have so many leftovers and enough dessert to last for a year! but i really enjoyed relaxing somewhere in between all the madness.

right now allen and i are trying to recover a little bit by watching a movie together...and i can confidently say that we will be in bed early tonight...WE ARE TIRED!!!

oh and by the way, i have to give kudos to all of those women (*ahem* Sonia McAbee) out there who cook everything from scratch and wake up at the crack of dawn to prepare a great meal out of love for their friends and family!! this is hard work!! hopefully next time i cook, it will be for my families!!!! i miss being there for the holidays!!