Friday, August 6, 2010

my summer is ending..

I have had such a great summer! i can't believe it's almost over! i've been able to spend more time with judah, spend more time cleaning the house (which is a huge stress during the school year!), and have a little bit of time for me too. and it's great that i can stay up late and sleep in a teeny weenie bit--if you call 7am sleeping in, that is ;)...i'm dreading school! it's my 8 year plan...apparently...i'm never gonna be out..when (and IF) i ever graduate, i'll be teaching school, so it's a constant least i'll be paid then.

one thing i AM looking forward to-----FALLLLLLL!!!!!! my absolutely favorite season of the whole year! :) i'm ready for sweaters and pumpkins and hot apple cider! and i will be dragging my husband out to get a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.....he hates this---we've never even gone! he hates the thought of it apparently..either way, i'm dragging him this year.

but yes, i'm going to go enjoy my weekend (and the last couple weeks of my summer)..i plan on doing NOTHING!!!! :)