Sunday, March 11, 2012

timing is everything

so much to be thankful for! i should have written this blog post a week or so ago, but for some reason i always center the blog around the kids! anyway....lots of stuff has been going on in the mcabee household, mainly the fact that ALLEN GOT A JOB!!!!! he has had a job up here for almost 3 years (can't believe that part alone), and for about 2.5 of those years i have been looking for another job for him. He has been thankful to have a job at all because these days those are hard to come by, but at the same time, it's one of those jobs that expects wayyyyyy too much and there's no incentive to do better even if they pile 2,000 lbs of orders on you that have to be done by the end of the week.  at the beginning of february allen was forced to work overtime and he was just over it. (and i was over not being able to have a hubby until later in the evening).

so working at his job full time + working at church full time=one stressed out hunny of mine.

fast forward to the end of february. allen gets a text from a friend saying that there was a position opening up at his place of work, Allen didn't think much of it because not too long after that, the same person texted back and told him that they were going to hire from within. Allen understood and just went back to the everyday grind of work.  soon after that, this person called back and told allen that the boss of this company wanted to interview allen, so we just both kind of held our breaths and didn't want to get our hopes up (because the same kind of situation had happened before and allen didn't get it). Well, he went in for the interview, it went awesome and he seemed really pleased, thinking that he could at least be in the top few people for it. He went back to the church to do some work (he took the whole day off), but before he could even go get lunch they called him back and wanted him to take an aptitude test. He did, left again, and within the hour or so, they called him back AGAIN and he filled out the paperwork for background check, etc. He was really realllllly nervous about the prospect of getting the job because he didn't know if he had the qualifications for it, experience, etc, but he just kept praying for God's favor. two days later, he found out that the job was his!! i don't think i have EVER seen my husband so excited about anything in my life!

And it's not that he didn't think he could get a job. My husband is one of the most talented people i know. it's just that i think that it was a matter of God's timing. i've never personally experienced anything like this before because usually i (sadly) try to force the hand of God to do what i want Him to do. That being said, it most always backfires. Always.

but we waited. and prayed. and waited and prayed some more. we learned alot over the past 3 years (especially the past year or so!!) in so many different ways. and granted we still have to learn alot in the future i'm sure, but it was just what we needed at this time in our lives. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. there's even more to the story that i'm keeping to myself for now, but it is one of those times when i know God showed up. it's so weird! And awesome..God is really good. He always is. And i know right now it's easy to say it because we are on the upswing of things, but He really is a great God.

Being blessed with a new job and new opportunities makes me realize just how good God has been even in the hard times as well. i mean, literally, our total earned income for 2011 was laughable. We couldn't have done it without the Lord.

We have learned alot with still alot to learn in the future, but for now i am thankful that my husband has a new job. He is going to be AWESOME at it!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mikaela is on the out world!!

so, it's been one of those weeks where i'm like "wow, my kids are growing up SO fast!".....judah more so on the non stop talking/comprehending/asking fifty million questions about life in general, and mikaela on getting bigger and starting to move!! earlier this week she discovered that she can roll over to her belly at bedtime when she's ready to sleep.....HOWEVER, it takes her awhile to actually go to sleep! she doesn't fuss or anything, but she gets on her hands and knees and "practice crawls"'s so funny to sneak a peek of her trying out her new skill..

but tonight she finally did it. i caught her moving forward...yikes. we are in trouble soon!! she has been practicing and practicing, getting up on her knees, rockin and rollin, but nothing other than splatting onto the's so cute!! but now that i have seen her do it, i realize how quickly she's going to move into the actual crawling!! i can't believe how big our baby girl is getting! she also decided that tonight she was going to feed herself some of those yogurt puff things that melt in your mouth. i had no idea she even could do the pincer grasp thing and actually eat them!! but i guess i'll be giving her those from now on..she couldn't get enough of them!! she was so excited to get real food i guess :)

earlier today, i also saw her trying to pull up onto one of the baby bouncers at daycare...but that's another post for another day..