Wednesday, March 17, 2010

oh sweet sickness~~~~

it seems like i cannot beat this crap. i have been sick on and off for what seems like the entire winter. it is very annoying because i don't think i have ever been so sick so often before. this stupid kentucky weather. but i must say, i do love living here so much. i'm excited about the spring, green grass, birds, flowers, trees, and rain. NOT looking forward to the allergies, however. i get them so bad year after year. but it's all good, pretty soon it will be SUMMER!!!! and i can't stand it----i'm so excited!!! allen and i are going on a cruise on my last day of school for seven's been awhile since we've had a vacation, so it's gonna be that much more awesome.

on a different note, amber and cody got married last week. it was beautiful. they were happy, so happy! and i am so glad that i could be a part of it with them. i wish they would come back from their honeymoon already so we can all hang out! it has been boring this week without them!

oh and on an even different note, i am GETTING into a swimsuit this year! i haven't been in one in two years i think. i refuse to let pregnancy/post pregnancy body get me down. i am going to be proud of it!! haha