Friday, October 22, 2010


my booger has turned into a brat. i guess he's officially there. the talking thing isn't really what did it. no, every single morning this week, i'll go wake him up, he'll get out of his crib and cuddle with me for a quick second, and then he'll want to play for a few minutes while i get his clothes ready. the key word in that sentence is "clothes."--he now HATES them. hates taking his pjs off, hates putting clothes on....all around is awful to be around at 6:30 am. i try to take his pjs off, he starts screaming (SCREAMING!) and yelling "MYYYYYYY!!!!"..not sure what he means. he doesn't want to dress himself, but when i take the pjs off he wants to try to put them back on. so i give him the clothes he has to wear for the day so that maybe, just maybe he'll try to put those on instead. NO. not a chance. if i'm lucky enough to get a diaper change in (this morning i ended up covered in poop...great mental picture, i know), i then try to dress him. he rolls and fights and throws a fit. the kid just wants to be naked i guess. i can't really blame him, but he's so mean. just terrible. i have never had to work so hard to get someone dressed in my life. he kicks his legs while i am getting my workout in holding his legs still. i pretty much have to sit on him to dress him. and he screams as we walk out the door. this is if i haven't beaten him first....(just kidding. i only do the "legal" beatings/spankings lol)...but needless to say, it really isn't the greatest start to the day. he's completely great the remainder of the day. he's an awesome, well behaved (for the most part) kid. i love him. he's cute.

but i will be happy to let someone else take care of this part of my day from now on.

Monday, October 11, 2010

staring at the ceiling

Judah's bedtime is quite possibly the most entertaining part of the day. After bathtime, i'll put his jammies on him and all three of us will chill on the couch and kind of wind down so judah can get relaxed before he actually goes to bed. well, inevitably i'll make "the move" towards judah and he knows that it means it's bedtime. he's so funny, because he'll sit there with me for the longest time, but once i make a quick move toward him, he runs and says "no! no! no!" Then as we walk down the hall, he's usually kicking and screaming the whole way (i'm screwed once he gets a real bed). once we get into his room, i'll have his music playing so he can kind of get relaxed again...usually it doesn't work and he's still upset. but after i finally walk out of there and let him chill for a minute, allen and i will be watching tv or something and we'll hear judah just talking away. it takes him at LEAST thirty minutes to go to sleep, if not more. he'll start with making random noises that are just plain weird, then he'll move to saying every single word in his "judah dictionary" literally, he'll go through the list. i'll go stand at his door to listen, and he'll be saying "mommay, dadda, doggie, hey, papa, apple, bye bye, thank you, wa wa, please" and all the rest of his words that i can't remember right now. then after he's done with those words, he'll go into his sentences. "hey daddy, wa wa please, up please, thank you, hey mommay"..and many more. then (if he's not asleep by this point), he'll go into the laughter. it is so cute. i'll just hear him laughing about nothing and allen and i will mute the tv so we can hear him because he's wayyyyy funnier than anything on tv. sometimes, i'll peek into his room and he will be staring at the ceiling, cracking himself up. then there's other times when he'll catch me peeking at him and he'll give me the biggest grin and hold his arms up for me to pick him up. i've gotta admit, i have a cute kiddo. bedtimes are the best! :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

longest week everrrrrrrrrrr

wow...i'm so glad it's finally friday! this has been such a long week! work has gone by so slowwww...people are on fall break, so we haven't had as many babies..the school i'm working at is on fall break, so i've kinda gotten a mini break (plus classes)...but it's still been super slow. i'm just ready for a relaxing weekend. i'm going to:

1. sleep in!!! (if judah lets me!!)
2. clean out my car..ha
3. deep clean the house
4. clean out the refrigerator..i'm sure there's things living in there
5. clip out coupons from last week's newspaper..yes i'm behind
6. resolve the floors
7. look under the beds and see what i find
8. vacuum vacuum vacuum

sounds like more of a busy weekend than a relaxing one, but at least i'll get something accomplished..and have a clean house!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

the many words of judah

judah is currently talking on his play phone. he picks it up and says "huwwoah"'s too cute! he's starting to say so much! he's picking up words so quickly. sometimes he'll remember them the next day, sometimes he'll forget he learned them and never say the word again. currently, his favorites are "doggie, car, ho hee (horsey), crackhaaaaa!!! (cracker...always said with uber enthusiasm), pleeee (please), juDAHHH, mommayy (mommy), apple, airplane,eye (as he pokes himself in the eyeball), elmo (everything is elmo elmo elmo now)." and now he's saying NO. ooooh yes, the "no" has begun. he was just shaking his head no for the longest time, but now i'll ask him if he wants a certain something and he'll matter-of-factly say "no." it's so funny. "judah, do you wanna eat?"..."no"....."judah, do you want daddy?"....."no"....."judah are you hungry?"...."no" (even though he obviously is past dinner time and hasn't eaten in hours)...and best of all, "judah, do you wanna go nite nite?"....."NO NO NO"'s hilarious. eveything is no....we are working on yes. it sounds like "sheesh" at the moment. and alot of what he says/does ends with a big "YAY"..and he claps for himself. it is hilarious. oh and have i mentioned he's so dramatic? every time he bumps himself the smallest way, he freaks OUT and has to put on a show. then it's inevitable that he'll fuss me out in his own toddler language.

now he's riding around on his elmo airplane coming up, crashing into me saying "hi", backing up and saying "bye"--such a goofball! what a good life...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

day 30----FINALLY!

day 30-a dream for the future

One of my biggest dreams for the future would be that allen, judah, and i could be able to go overseas and help plant churches. we have always wanted to go overseas to do mission work, but lately it's really been weighing heavily on our hearts. it's kinda hard to think about sometimes, though, with families and other priorities. and it's not like we are planning on leaving tomorrow, but it's something we think about constantly. we feel like we'll eventually be somewhere in South America, but we're not for sure exact location. we have no idea what we'd be doing, but i guess that's part of the fun. we are waiting to see what God wants us to do exactly (and when). ever since we met, we knew staying in one spot wasn't gonna cut it. we were already wanting to find something greater to do. when we went to Mexico, we knew for certain that it was more than just a hope that we could go outside of the U.S., but something we were going to do no matter what. and these days, we are working at church, but we are also trying to plan for our greater goal in the future. i'm so excited, and i really hope that it will happen soon...even though i know God's timing is certainly not always ours. i just know i'm definitely not a "settle down in one spot for the rest of my life" kind of girl. i know what allen and i have been dreaming/praying about for so long, and we are very excited for the future that lies ahead of us. i'm sure it's not going to be easy (and i'm almost positive we won't have a house with a white picket fence and a dog), but i can hardly wait until that day comes. it will be very hard, but very worth it!

Friday, October 1, 2010

happy october!!!

it's october!!!! finally! i LOVE this month so chocolate, the return of the pumpkin spice latte, BEAUTIFUL weather, pumpkin picking, cool weather, crunchy leaves (my fav!!)...all things i love about this season!! now, i need to go buy some sweaters because i don't think i have any!! :)

on to my (almost finished) blog journal....

day 29-hopes, dreams, and plans for the next 365 days

my biggest dream for the next year would be for health and happiness. i'm not one of those kinds of people to make plans because i like to just see what happens. i just want my family to be healthy and be able to enjoy each and every day, finding the best in every situation. sometimes it's hard to look for the postive in things, especially when alot goes wrong, BUT it is possible! staying happy yourself will help make others happy as well. and plus, no one wants to see a groucho everyday. that's no fun at all! i would love to make the most of each and every day i am given because you never know when it will be your last. so, there you huge dreams, but simply an everyday wish :)