Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ready for christmas..

So now that I'm into the full swing of the whole "harvest" season, I am eagerly anticipating Christmas...yes Christmas!! I have this weird obsession with holidays, especially those that fall into the autumn/winter months..i love pumpkins and trick or treating and thanksgiving and everything!!! But I definitely think Christmas beats them all out--i love the Christmas songs and how they come on the radio non stop for like a whole month (even though it does get annoying after awhile..), i love how most--yes MOST people are in the Christmas spirit, heck..i don't even mind working 50 billion hours on Christmas eve..I love the stockings and all the crap you get to buy for people (i DO hate going to the mall though!!!), I love the candy canes and decorating the tree...the REAL LIVE CHRISTMAS TREE that is, i love getting all emotional and stuff..it's just the best ever!! and plus, this year I'm going to be big and jolly like Santa himself...it'll be great...trust me..but i DO get to eat WHATEVER i want to!!! that's a BIG plus! :) i'm just so excited all the way around...oh anddddddddd allen and i are going to a cabin right before Christmas with another couple and i am seriously counting down the days till then.........you have no idea....i'm sure it's going to be a Christmas to remember tho.. :)......

until then, i will just trudge my way through each day of school and try not to think about the WHOLE month of november that i must get through before i have fun!! although i did just get back from a great, relaxing vacation to charleston...maybe that'll hold me over for awhile..probably not.

judah's been getting bigger.........kicking like crazy!!!!! i have a feeling he's gonna be a big boy with some incredibley LONGGGGGGGGG legs..but i've been feeling great thank goodness and i'm eating way to much sweet stuff for my own good..no big cravings...I guess if i had to say what foods make me happy, tho, i would say....spaghetti (no meatballs), ice cream from coldstone--the flavor changes every minute i think, velveeta macaroni that takes like 5 minutes to make, vegetables...yes weird, but it helps cancel out the ice cream, peaches, blueberry bagels, and those sprinkle donuts from dunkin donuts...even though i only eat the third that's sprinkled (that gets on my last nerve haha)..what a list...and allen somehow puts up with it..he LOVES me!!!!

ok now off to actually do what i was supposed to do on the computer...SCHOOLWORK!!