Friday, September 26, 2008

another week goes by

what a busy week!! it's been nuts around here lately..allen and i are moving (again), still in greer, but we're trying to save some money till we move again in may. so we've been busy doing that for a few days and it's been CRAZY!!! and school has been pretty stressful as well----tooooo many projects!!!! i guess thats what you get when you're in the core blocks of the education program..booooooooo!! that's ok though, eventually it'll all pay off......eventually. haha..

judah's been pretty busy himself getting bigger and bigger..apparently when they measured him at our last ultrasound, he was almost 2 ounces bigger than the it looks like we just may have a big boy..he may have just had a random growth spurt too. who knows. but he has sure been kicking alot!!! i guess those long legs will do that!! :) it's the weirdest feeling, though. i don't EVEN know how to explain it, but it's so cool/weird/alienlike hahaha..but i couldn't be more excited!! we get to go back in a few weeks to have another ultrasound to get pics of the spine for the doctors--which is good for us..more lovely pictures to stare at for hours and hours upon end..

and finally, we are getting away in october to go to the beach.......maybe we'll get to relax for once...either way, i'm excited...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

we're having a BOYYYY!!!!!

ok so we went to the doctor yesterday afternoon at 3:45...i was impatient allllllll day waiting for that darn appointment to come..w..ell we get there..and wait for what seemed like forever!!! i know i was anxious but still------so we get in there and she squirts that jelly junk on my belly and then we get on with the ultrasound. well, i had NO idea this ultrasound would be an in depth evaluation of my child! not that that's a bad thing..i just figured we'd go in, they'd look to see if it had anything/or lack of a certain anything, and then we'd be on our way. well was more like they looked at every single body part known to man. we got to look at the brain, the face (to see if there was a cleft palate or not), the hip bones, the kidneys, the stomach, the legs, the heart (which apparently the ultrasound technician was fascinated with b/c she looked at it forever--she said it was "photogenic"??? how can a heart be picture friendly??? oh well, there was nothing wrong, that's the good part. we get to go back in a month to get ANOTHER ultrasound though, b/c the baby was being stubborn and they couldn't get a good picture of the spine..sooooooooo that should be fun..hey, it means more pictures for us!! yay!! :)

but yes..we are definitely having a BOY!! you'll see that in the picture i'm sure!!
his name will be judah samuel...we're stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2 more weeks!!

ok, so we're into the full swing of school again..i started my clinicals yesterday (actually getting to go into the classroom)..and i have a feeling it's going to be a looooooong semester..but that's okay i guess. i think the main thing on my mind right now is just being excited about the baby!! we have 2 more weeks and we'll know what we're having!! i've barely looked at anything online, b/c i would just rather know if it's a boy or a girl and then go from there with all of the different options of colors/designs/etc. i just didn't realize there was so much just to look at BEFORE you have a kid!! but it's cool, and i'm trying not to be partial on what i want--i mean in boy or girl of course--haha..either one is fine with me!! and we're still trying to figure out names..we know the first names, just not the middle names i don't think. but we'll figure it out eventually. but i have to admit, as wonderful and great and miraculous a thing pregnancy is, it's like people alllllll ask you the SAME thing and want to touch you and all kinds of stuff, when sometimes i'm just like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh go AWAY!! i just want to wear a sign around my neck that says "i love you and i'm so glad that you care about me but don't touch me--oh and this is what i feel like--crappy, hungry, moody, swollen, and fat"---i think most pregnant women would agree. but i know people just care and thats why they ask, and i'm very thankful for that! :) i've got the best people in my life and they rock my world!! and my husband has been sooooooo wonderful lately, even though he's been in alot of pain lately himself. i love him!!