Monday, December 10, 2012

it should be cold by this time of year (but i'm thankful for the warmth)

ok, so two whole months and NOTHING. well, at least in the blog world. We have been staying busy with work and kids and craziness. i feel so non stop lately! we just picked out our Christmas tree and finally got to do the whole decorating thing. Mikaela discovered the christmas lights, and loves them! We were able to go the the Southern lights again this year..and for once it wasn't freezing!!! every year we go and it is SO COLD! but we actually enjoyed it this year! and Judah and mikaela did awesome with santa. No meltdowns, thank goodness. Judah got to tell him what he wanted and everything. He also made a Christmas list (which is, by the way, one of the best lists ever if i do say so myself). some of the things he mentions are a puppy (of course), a monster truck, and...get ready for it...four squishy things. haha. i'm not sure exactly what that means, but it's still hilarious! Tonight we are going to make cookies and hot chocolate, so i'm very excited. I've had three days off in a row, and it's been FAB-U-LOUS!!! and of course i thought i could have my house in impeccable condition by today so that i wouldn't even have to worry about anything today. HAA!! my house is probably dirtier now that it was on Friday. Oh well, such is life with two little ones who are always dragging new stuff out to play with.

Sky has become quite full of herself lately, by the way. She thinks she's all that and then some. We'll tell her not to do something and she says "NO" and then holds her little lips out all puckered. I can't help but to laugh. then she has learned how to roll her eyes. or attempt at rolling her eyes. She kinda looks like she's out of a scary movie, but it's pretty funny too. She tries to talk a lot, but not all of it makes sense. She says "nose", "da-eeeeeee" for daddy, "mommy" (finally), and "too" for shoe. she's not much of a talker, but she does understand what i'm telling her to do. and she does the baby signs too, so that helps a whole lot. She'll get the hang of it after awhile, i'm sure. Judah, on the other hand, is about to drive his father and mother INSANE! now don't get me wrong, i love the kid, but he's in this new thing of telling us "no" but then if we get stern with him, he thinks it's even funnier and then i just want to pull my hair out. Yesterday i almost had a complete meltdown, but we all survived by some miracle and i am sitting here typing all of this to you. He is super smart though. He's doing really well with his letters, recognizing them and writing them as well. He is still learning the baby letters and doesn't quite get those, but he will in time. He is getting so tall and skinny, definitely not a baby anymore. *sigh*--it is so sad...and happy...and a whole lot of emotions. In two months he will be FOUR......that's almost KINDERGARTEN!!! it makes you realize how fast time flies by and how each moment (good or bad) must be cherished because they all go by so quickly.

anyways..just a quick little update on us. it's harder for me to get on here because our computer's broken, so i have to go to the library...

a quick update of recent pictures.