Friday, June 24, 2011

amber and cody are parents!! :)

completely forgot to mention in the other day's blog that my best friends, cody and amber, are now parents!!! :) little everly leighton was born on Monday night, and she is SOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!! i think i about jumped out of my skin when cody called us to let us know that she'd been born. mikaela didn't like me much after i ran around the house screaming out of happiness about everly!! but yes, i AM sooooooo excited!! here are a couple pics that dan took while he was at the hospital..allen and i only got to stay for a few minutes, or i would have taken tons of pictures!!

first off, here's miss everly..she's so teeny tiny and completely ADORABLE!!!

...and amber and everly..i LOVE this picture!! it is too sweet!!

ok, now if mikaela would just get here so that everly can have a little friend to play with one of these days...i keep on having dreams about actually having her...and i know it's gonna make the time go by soooooo slow!! oh well, she'll be here soon enough!! i can't wait!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

one more month with just one kiddo

I have got to say, I have the best, smartest, cutest little boy in the whole world. I've been so caught up in "pregnancy land" that I've kind of forgotten about Judahbug a little bit. Well, can i say that he is something else. He has gotten so smart and talkative and just crazy! When he hears music, he can't help but to start boogeying..he loves to sing (even if there is no music at all!!). and his new thing is his drum. he loves to beat on that durn drum while making me or allen play the "awtar" and sing into a maraca. He would probably be a one man band if he could.

When we sit in the car, he usually plays with his toys, reads his Mickey Mouse book to find the pictures, or tries to untwist his sippy cup. Most of the time, he's pretty happy, but he does have his moments when he does NOT want to be in the car. He wants to climb in himself...he's gotten very independent, not wanting me or allen to help him with anything. He wants to put his shoes, socks, pants, shirt on the fridge and get the milk out, "fix" everything. I'm very glad he's not super into everything and drinking Lysol like his daddy did when he was his age. Granted, I still have years to worry about Judah doing dumb stuff, and I know it'll happen, but I would love to put that off as long as possible!! :)

He's realizing that he'll have a sister soon. For the longest time, I asked him "Judah, are you ready to be a big brother? Do you wanna have a baby sister?" Judah's reply: "No, Judah's the baby!" Now, he's doing a little bit better. He talks about his "A-Kayla" and he likes to go play in her room all the time (which, by the way, is pretty much finished..i'll have to put up pictures later)..he looks through all of her stuff, and knows that it belongs to her, not him. He does like to hang out in her little bouncy seat, though, and kind of act like he's a baby..i'm sure it could be a lot worse though!! Sometimes, he'll give Mikaela a hug and a kiss. And i'm pretty sure he thinks she's coming out of my bellybutton. I guess that's another conversation for another day haha...

And did i mention that Judah talks a bazillion miles a minute???? like literally ALL the time. it's like "mommy mommy mommy!!" and if he realizes i'm not listening he'll say "mommy...hey, MOMMY!!" Yesterday, we were driving to daycare, and i'd given him a snack of grapes to eat in the car and he looked up at me and said what I thought was "these are delicious!"...of course i was like "Oh, cool.." and he's like "mommy, these grapes are Delicious!!" and i'm just pacifying him. Finally he just says "Mommy!!! They're Yummmy!!" making me feel like the dummy who thought he didn't know what he was talking about. It was so funny! He also likes to 'read' books to himself. He was doing that this morning when i woke was really cute! And at night, we'll pray before he goes to bed. Now he knows what to do--"Dear lode (Lord), thank you mommy, daddy, mimi, mawmaw, gigi, papa, papa, papa (thank you for mommy, daddy, mimi, mawmaw, gigi, papa, papa, papa), thank you a-kayla (thank you for mikaela), and pattor lee and churrr (and pastor Lee and the church), and allllllll my friends...i luh loo jesus (i love you Jesus).....aaaaaaaaaaaamen!! he loves the amen part.

i know i only have a month to enjoy "just" my judahbug..i'm so excited to have mikaela and to see how judah is with her, but i have to say, i will miss the times when i know it's just "me and judah" time and we can snuggle on the couch and watch Mickey Mouse..but i know he'll be a great big brother and i can hardly wait to see him be an awesome example for his little sister!!

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Monday, June 6, 2011

summa time is HERE :)

june is here and it is HOT!!! i am SO glad i'm not in South Carolina right now..they are having like 100 degree temps down there, and i thought that the 90's were bad here. Our air conditioner on our car decided to break, not just a simple fix, but a part that we have to order and it'll cost anywhere from 600 to 800 dollars to fix!! yikes!! so, for now, we are driving around in the heat. blahhhhhh....but Amber did find a snowcone hut in Lexington!! so that helps the heat a little bit...i love me some snowcones!! :)

besides that, we are just waiting for booger number 2 to get here..hoping she'll be a tad bit more relaxed than judah..HA...wishful thinking..but we do have a c-section date set incase she doesn't get here earlier--Mikaela should be here no later than July 21st...yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

i'm 33 weeks this week and we almost have mikaela's room done...nothing on the walls yet, but all of the furniture and stuff like that. we have tons of clothes for her, and i can definitely say that she won't be lacking for stuff to wear. and very very cute!! we have been so blessed to have alot given to us for her and i can't wait till she gets here so that she can actually use it (and i can take a bajillion pictures!!)..

judah seems to be getting used to the idea of having a sister..although i don't think he is too thrilled about it..i'm still working on him..

i've got 7 weeks to change booger's mind and hope that he'll be ready for a little sis :)