Wednesday, January 14, 2009

it's almost time!!

well not too much longer and baby judah will finally be here!! i have been quickly gaining weight in this last month and it is crazy!! last time i went to the doctor, i had gained 2 pounds in a week!! in a WEEK!!! that's alot of extra poundage if you ask me. i go again today to see if he's moved any, hopefully staying in the right position...i'm keeping my fingers crossed. my baby shower is on saturday, so i am very excited about that too! hopefully i will get to see a bunch of people i haven't gotten to see in awhile. and of course have everyone and their mom "admire" my fatness. or bellyness. whatever the appropriate term is.

besides baby judah, allen and i have been making trips up to kentucky to see where we want to live, find jobs, and all that fun stuff. we've been visiting various churches with others from the bridge and it has been really interesting. i still have to say that elevation church in charlotte is by far my favorite!!!! it is definitely what i see the bridge modeling itself after for the most part. i'm just excited because it seems like everything is in full swing now..we're doing our training, having preview services, getting ready to open the doors for regular services on March 22 ( i think they moved it up)...and that's just so weird to think about!!! it seems so far away, but it's really not. right now the bridge is meeting in edythe j hayes middle school, and from everything i've heard, it's been great!! i just wish i could be up there for everything!! we will definitely go up for the opening service, but i hope before maybe too....i guess i'll just have to see how mr. judah is doing first.

other than baby and church, our lives stay pretty boring...go to work, come home, sleep, eat. thats the every day drill for the most part. i guess it could be alot worse. i just wish i could keep working even after judah's born..i think i'm simply getting paranoid about moving in a few months and making sure that we'll be okay...i know we will's just my head getting in the way of God's plan like usual.

but on the up side----------3 MORE WEEKS AND I'LL BE A MOM!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!