Wednesday, April 7, 2010

blah blah blah

that's the way i have felt for the past two months. just so BLAH all the in and day out is the same, nothing new and exciting. but i am very thankful for each day. i am blessed with a wonderful hubby and awesomely cute baby boy! they make my life amazing!

my typical day is get up at 6am, drop judah off at daycare by 7:15, walk to school and get there by 8, walk back to the daycare, change poopy diapers for 5 hours, drive home in crazy traffic (EVERYDAY!), stick judah in his highchair with some supper, cook dinner and wait for allen to get home, give judah a bath, brush his teeth, have some quiet time before judah goes to bed.

weekends are a little bit different. i look so forward to fridays because that means i can SLEEP IN on saturday!!!!! i don't know what sleep is anymore, but that's's worth it. saturdays consist of cartoons, movies, the park (when we can), catching up on housework, washing clothes, and just relaxing as much as possible..sundays we get up early for church at 9:30, then 11:30, then lunch somewhere with friends, then home to read the newspaper---for me that is stealing all the ads and coupons, sleep (maybe for judah HA!), and extreme home makeover.

we are so monotonous and boring, but we love our life together. some days are stressful and crazy and "i wanna pull my hair out" kind of days, but overall, i have no complaints. life is pretty durn good and i wouldn't change it.