Tuesday, October 7, 2014

pumpkin crazy!

Well, my favorite month is here yet again. October is by far the best month in the year. Warm days, cool nights, pumpkins, apple cider, rosy cheeks, spiced everything, Trader Joes pumpkinpalooza...by far my favorite hands DOWN!!

We have yet to go to the pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin, but we did venture up to Skytop Apple orchard at the end of last month to see what it had to offer. Overall, it was fun. Great area for the kids to play and stay occupied, pick your own apples, etc. And then there was the donut line.........little did i know that this donut line would take a good 45 minutes to get through. Therefore, i bought a dozen of them. Can't say that i regret it either. They were delicious. The whole place was crazy busy, though. I miss Evans Orchard back in Kentucky. It was fun AND calm. And organized. We will probably try to go somewhere else for the pumpkin hunt.

On a similar note, I get to go on Judah's first field trip with him. They are going to the pumpkin patch. (yes, there will be lots of visits there this year!!) But I am excited because i get to chaperone!! I'm now officially doing "mom things"---never thought that day would happen, but it is about to. I can't wait :)