Friday, July 29, 2011

Mikaela is here!!

Finally...i knew it would be no earlier than the planned csection date..but that's ok. originally, they had me scheduled for 1:30pm on the 21st, but the day before, they asked if i wanted to do it at 7:30am instead, so of course, i said yes. So after doing all of my preadmission testing, blood taking, sanitizing my belly the day before, we went in at 6am for the csection. I was so nervous because it was all just going too well, and i was scared something would happen. with judah, we didn't expect to have a csection, so it was a little different. i had more time to think about it all. but fortunately, everything went smoothly. the anesthesiologist gave me some "relaxation medicine" and i was definitely loopy from that point on. Mikaela arrived at 7:59am on July 21, 2011 screaming her lungs out..they beat her with this weird paddle looking thing that i don't even know how to describe because they thought she wasn't screaming enough (with judah, he barely made any sounds, so i wasn't too worried about her!)..but allen got to take her back to the nursery where they told us that she measured 8lbs, 6oz..20 inches long. she's a healthy girl!

we got to leave the hospital on sunday afternoon..i was ready. those leg things that cramp down on your legs got on my nerves and i was just sick of taking medicine and laying in bed with people checking on me a thousand times a day. but we did have lots of visitors, and i was glad to see them all!! i AM so so so glad to be home, though. i can kinda do what i want now and not have to worry about a nurse coming to check in on me and random people showing up. and i can try to get back to my normal routine (which right now is a tad altered lol)...

mikaela's doing well though. we went to the pediatrician on monday, and she weighed 7lbs, 11 1/2 oz..they tested her for jaundice b/c her levels were on the borderline level. but fortunately they had gone down and she is A-ok. we go back on August 5th for her 2 week well check. as far as sleep....HA!! she actually hasn't done's been kind of random this past week. lastnight was ok though..i fed her right at 11:30 and she woke up at 3:30, and then again right around the time allen goes to work...that's easy compared to what some parents deal with! but she DOES love the night time! it hits 9 or 10pm, and those eyes of hers just pop wide open and she stays awake for hours!! but it is so fun to watch her being amazed at this new world around her. and judah is SO good with her. he still has his normal tantrums, but he loves to help me. loves to count her fingers and toes, bring me her pacifier, cover her up w/ blankets, and help me feed her bottles to her. i just hope it continues.

now....for a picture dump!!! :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

hallelujah!! it's finally (almost) time!!

i don't remember being so excited to get Judah OUT!! i guess that comes along with the whole "first pregnancy" thing..and i was preggo in the wintertime..big big big difference!! but i am completely ready to meet our little girl! she should be here thursday around 1:30pm. i go to the doctor tomorrow, so unless something major changes, then that's when we'll be seeing her. And i am literally about to POP!! my belly is huge..i couldn't hardly sit down during service today b/c mikaela was all jammed up in my ribs and i just couldn't get comfy. even just walking i feel like a monster..i'm keeping hope that the belly is all baby and when she comes, i won't have super amounts of weight to lose. We shall see :/ But at least i won't have to worry about squishing my daughter when i bend over to pick something off of the ground. There's NO ROOM!! i couldn't imagine if i had to go to my due date (and potentially even later than that!! yikes!!)...right now i'll just stay thankful she's coming early. :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

8 days and NOTHING~~

SO READY TO GET BABY OUT!!!! i'm glad she likes her present home, but i am done!! my belly is ever expanding, and i can't even bend over to touch my toes...and the weird thing is, i didn't get this way w/ judah, and he was much bigger. who knows, i'm just ready for her to be here!! we went to the doctor yesterday, and they gave us an ultrasound. i had hoped that they would be like "your baby is HUGE!! we need to get her out!!", but nope..they told us she was around 7.5 pounds (which is normal) and that we were still on for the 21st...not exactly what i was hoping for, but at least she's healthy. We did get to see her on 3D ultrasound, and let me tell you, i really hope she comes out cute, because those ultrasound pictures kinda made her look like that creepy Chucky baby you see on scary movies!! and to top it off, they told us she has alot of hair on the back of her head, but more just fuzz on the we're dealing with a Chucky baby who has a mullet.....greeeeeaaatt....should be interesting... ;) but either way, i'm so ready to see her!! only 8 days and i'll be holding her..well, allen will be b/c i'll be being sewn up for awhile..but after that, i'll get her. i'm so excited!! i just hope Judah is good with her. We went by Jordon and Jeremy's lastnight to pick up the diaper bag she'd gotten me (which is AWESOME by the way!!), and Judah dragged out a baby doll w/ a bottle of milk, and told me he was giving the baby its maybe that's a good sign??? i hope anyways...i'm sure there will be some kind of reversion, but that's all part of it. I just can't believe it's so soon!! maybe she'll decide she wants out early...probably not, but i can hope :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

the waiting game is not fun

ok, a week later, and still no mikaela.....not that i really figured she'd ACTUALLY come early!! she's stubborn like her brother, daddy, and mommy! i measured fine at my last appointment, but my doctor still wants to do an ultrasound to see how big baby is, so maybe by some miracle, she'll decide that she wants to take her this point, i don't care if she comes a day earlier, i just want her to get here! i'm getting fat, hot, and feet look awful (this is saying it mildly..if you saw them, you'd understand)!! i'm so swollen and blah everyday..fortunately i've been able to work inside for the past few days, so i haven't had to be out in the heat as much, but it's still ridiculously hot outside when i do venture out...

but yes, i AM hoping that maybe instead of the 21st, it'll be the 19th, 18th, maybe even the 16th?? i think that's just more of my wishful thinking. unless she's measuring 10 pounds, i'm sure they'll let her cook some more.....i'm just SO DONE w/ the whole pregnancy wasn't so bad w/ judahbug because it was in the winter, but summer babies make a person feel miserable!! i am, however, so incredibly excited to meet this little girl!! allen's about to die if she doesn't make her appearance soon, and judah....well, judah's still getting used to the idea. he knows she's in my belly and he tells me that he wants her to come "out of there"...apparently babies come out of bellybuttons a two year old would think..he's so funny though. i know he'll be a great big brother once he gets the hang of everything. as long as he gets attention, he'll be good to go :) fortunately, there will be plenty of grandparents to go around come mikaela's "birth" day.....i can't wait!!! :)

less than 2 weeks!! (wow, it's weird to think it's so soon!!! yikes!!)

Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1st

I made it to July!!!! YES!!!! i never ever EVER thought this month would get here!! at this point i do not care when Mikaela comes..i just want her to be here already! allen and i are both so anxious that the wait (even though technically we still have like 3.5 weeks) is KILLING us!! i am 36 weeks pregnant, so i really should want to wait another week or so until i'm considered "full term", but i just want to see her so badly. and i want to go ahead and get into the groove of mommyhood before i head back to school next month. when i went to the doctor on Tuesday, she told me that i was measuring a little bit ahead, which i think was about 37 weeks instead of she said that if i'm still measuring big at my next appointment, then they'll do an ultrasound to see how big the baby is. i'm kind of hoping that i'll measure big so that they'll do an ultrasound, then tell me that the baby's big, and then take her even earlier than the 21st. That's my wishful thinking..but i would love to see her sooner rather than later!! it's HOT in the summer, and my swollen feet are not very happy with me at all..i'm just tired all the time and just over the whole pregnancy thing this time. Fortunately, we don't live in South Carolina anymore..i would DIE if i had to brave this last trimester in triple digit temps...definitely thankful for the cooler than normal temps that we've had up here...

hoping mikaela decides to come soon (or i get fat so that i'll measure big and she can come earlier!!)