Thursday, January 20, 2011

waiting for the 50th snowstorm of the year..

Well, i needed an excuse to get online and blog a little bit, and i think i have found it (at least for today)---i HATE the snow!! i thought i loved it when we lived in south carolina, probably because every time it snowed, life in general was shut down. not such a bad plan. but kentucky isn't the same. we are supposed to get more (MORE!) snow this afternoon..6 more inches or so i think..and i am going to be housebound!

like i said, when snow shuts school down that's cool, but i'm a grownup now, so snow or no snow, work is still expecting me to be there at my given timeslot. ugh. Good ol' south carolina actually just got over a snowstorm (for them anyways) a week or so ago. they got like 8or 10 inches, something crazy--they literally shut the city down. everyone's facebook was talking about how they couldn't go anywhere b/c they don't have probably even ONE snowplow in the city.

I'm kinda jealous, yes, i have to admit. I guess i should say, i don't *hate* the snow, i just hate having to get out in it and chance my (allen's) car on our icy road. i'm pretty positive i don't have any desire to go live somewhere in the Arctic. my aunt and uncle live in Alaska and i think they are crazy. of course, i love the first snow of the year because there is always something so magical about the "first good snow" of the year. but after that....not so much!

right now i'm dreaming of being on the beach somewhere..ANYWHERE..and being warm. granted i know when it's mid july and i'm as big as a whale, i'll be dreaming of those wintry days again. yes. it will be miserable and i'm sure i'll want my own personal igloo to survive in until the birth of our second child actually arrives. but for now, i'm not digging the snow at all. unless of course i can sit at home all day and watch movies and stuff my face. ;)